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This is an overview of the current Maclemage route for Dark Souls II All Bosses No DLC.

Note, that this does not include any safety strategies for anyone learning the route.


Shaded Woods

  • Run into the hut and chose the Cleric class and the Healing Wares gift.
  • Run to Majula and pick up the Binoculars for Binoboost
  • Binoboost to the Majula Bonfire and then make your way to the entrance of the shaded woods.
  • Perform Parrywalk on an enemy and perform the Branch Skip and light the Ruined Forkroad Bonfire.
  • Make your way to the chest that contains the Clear Bluestone Ring and pick it up.
  • Run to Grandahl, speak to him once then go pick up the firebombs and the soul of a brave warrior then go light the shaded woods bonfire and warp to Majula.


  • Speak to the Emerald Herald and receive the Estus Flask and make your way to the gate that leads onto Heides Tower.
  • Dupe once while waiting for the gate to rise then make your way to Dragonrider.
  • Once you enter the Dragonrider fight dupe once then jump the gap to make him fall then dupe once more.
  • Run to Licia and buy the lightning spear then aggro her and light the bonfire while waiting for her to stand up.
  • Punch Licia off the edge then rest at the bonfire and attune Lightning Spear then pick up her items and go back to the bonfire and warp to Majula.

Last Giant

  • Speak to the Emerald Herald three times and on the third time level 24 Faith and 8 Intelligence.
  • Make your way to the gate leading into the forest of fallen giants and dupe 2 times while waiting for it to rise.
  • Run towards the Cardinal Tower and pick up the Buckler then use the soul of dragonrider while speaking to Malentia and buy the Saint's Hood the Lenigrast's Key, 10 lifegems,3 amber herbs, and the soul arrow spell, then speak to Malentia once to receive the silver serpent's ring.
  • Blow up Cardinal Tower wall with a firebomb and make your way to Last Giant.
  • Dupe twice on the elevator before Last Giant then make your way into the fight.
  • Kill Last Giant with the Lightning Spear then use a Homeward Bone.

Pursuer/Skeleton Lords

  • Perform the Pursuer Quick Kill and warp to Majula.
  • Open the Blacksmith's Door then make your way to the gate before Huntsman's Corpse and use either the soul of pursuer or last giant then dupe once.
  • Run to Felkon and use the soul you didn't use while talking to him and buy one Dark Pine Resin and the Great Resonant Soul.
  • Parrywalk to the bonfire then go up the ladder then Parrywalk to the skeleton lords fight.
  • Kill skeleton lords then make your way to the bridge leading to Harvest Valley, and dupe twice after pulling the lever.
  • Use the soul of the skeleton lords while speaking with Chloanne and buy soul appease then speak with her four times to send her to Majula then rest at the Harvest Valley and warp to Majula and attune glitch soul appease with lightning spear.

Royal Rat Vanguard/Giants

  • Speak with the Emerald Herald and level up 25 faith 20 intelligence and 13 attunement.
  • Make your way to the cat and buy the Silvercat Ring 5 alluring skulls and 2 homeward bones.
  • Drop down into the pit and run to the Royal Rat Vanguard.
  • Kill Royal Rat Vanguard with soul appease and make your way to the gutter then to the Black Gulch.
  • Rest at the first bonfire and attune Great Resonant Soul and make your way to the 2 giants and kill them to receive the forgotten key and the giant's soul and use a homeward bone.
  • Run back and pick up scraps of life then drop down again and speak to Grandahl once then bone back.
  • Warp to the Ruined Forkroad Bonfire and attune glitch Great Resonant Soul with Soul Arrow.

Twin Dragonriders

  • Parrywalk to get to Drangleic castle.
  • Kill the lizard then kill two hollows next to each of the stone statues to open the castle door.
  • Use the rat vanguard soul and dupe the 5K soul 3 times while waiting for the door.
  • Make your way into the castle and activate the passages to Grandahl and to dragonrider then go back and light the bonfire.
  • Go to Grandahl and speak to him and use the 5K soul and join the covenant then bone out.
  • Pick up the 10K and make your way to dragonriders.
  • Kill dragonriders.

Mirror Knight

  • Pick up Caitha's chime and parrywalk to get to Mirror Knight.
  • Kill Mirror Knight.

Demon Of Song

  • Use the mirror knight soul and drop dragonriders soul and dupe the 10K soul 4 times and use an amber herb on the elevator.
  • Parrywalk to get to Demon Of Song.
  • Kill Demon Of Song.


  • Use the demon of song soul and dupe the 10K soul 4 times on the elevator.
  • Run to the Undead Crypt bonfire and rest at it and attune scraps of life.
  • Parrywalk to Velstadt.
  • Kill Velstadt.
  • Pick up the King's Ring and bone out.
  • Warp to Majula.

Guardian Dragon

  • Use the soul of Velstadt and speak with Chloanne and buy 3 titanite chunks, 6 large titanite shards, and 6 titanite shards.
  • Go to The Blacksmith and buy 21 arrows and upgrade Caitha's chime to +10 and pick up the bow.
  • Use the 10K soul and level up 29 faith, 30 intelligence, 23 vgr, and 10 endurance.
  • Warp to The Ruined Forkroad bonfire.
  • Run to Aldia's keep and to Guardian Dragon.
  • Kill Guardian Dragon.

Ancient Dragon

  • Speak to the Emerald Herald to receive the feather then run through dragon aerie.
  • Perform Aerie Jump and run to Ancient Dragon.
  • Kill Ancient Dragon and feather out.

Giant Lord/Memories

  • Warp to the Cardinal Tower bonfire.
  • Perform Giant Lord Jump and enter the memory.
  • Run to Giant Lord and kill him and get the giant's soul then feather out.
  • Run to the memory of Vammar and run through it and get the giant's soul then leave the memory.
  • Run to the memory of Orro and get the giant's soul then leave.
  • Run to the nest and go to Bastille.


  • Grab the Bastille bonfire and run to Ruin Sentinels.
  • Kill Ruin Sentinels and feather out.
  • Parrywalk to Belfy Gargoyles.
  • Kill Belfry Gargoyles and feather out.
  • Parrywalk to Lost Sinner.
  • Kill Lost sinner and feather out.
  • Warp to the Undead Crypt.


  • Parrywalk to Vendrick.
  • Kill Vendrick and feather out.
  • Warp to Hunstman's Corpse.


  • Parrywalk to chariot.
  • Kill chariot and feather out.
  • Warp to Poison Pool.

Covetous Demon/Mytha/Smelter Demon/Old Iron King

  • Run to covetous demon.
  • Kill covetous demon.
  • Run to Mytha.
  • Kill Mytha.
  • Run to Smelter demon.
  • Kill Smelter demon.
  • Parrywalk to the Old Iron King.
  • Kill Old Iron King and feather out.
  • Warp to shaded woods.

Najka/Rat Authority/Congregation/Freja

  • Run to Najka.
  • Kill Najka.
  • Run to Rat Authority.
  • Kill Rat Authority.
  • Run to congregation.
  • Kill congregation.
  • Run to freja.
  • Kill freja and feather out.
  • Warp to black gulch.

The Rotten

  • Run to The Rotten.
  • Kill The Rotten and feather out.
  • Warp to Heides Tower.

Old Dragonslayer/Flexile Sentry

  • Run to Old Dragonslayer.
  • Kill Old Dragonslayer and feather out.
  • Run to Old Man's Wharf.
  • Use the bow to shoot the bell and run to Flexile Sentry.
  • Kill Flexile Sentry and feather out.

Warp to Drangleic Castle.


  • Run to Grandahl and use the portal to enter the dungeon.
  • Perform Darklurker skip and make your way to Darklurker.
  • Kill Darklurker and feather out.

Throne Duo/Nashandra

  • Use an amber herb and run through the throne of want to throne duo.
  • Kill throne duo.
  • Kill Nashandra then proceed to finish the game.