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This page is meant to provide some general information about the recent change in the process of submitting speedruns to SpeedSouls, as well help guide you through these new steps of submitting your run.

General information

SpeedSouls has recently decided to move the entire Run submission process over to the leaderboards of
This means the old method of submitting your run through the submission form by pressing the "Submit A Run" button on the top right of SpeedSouls is now obsolete and instead, will now point to any of the Souls games' respective pages on to submit your speedruns to.
The idea is to maintain the leaderboards on and create a synchronization from the API of on to the leaderboards of SpeedSouls, so that the times submitted on will show back on the actual leaderboards of SpeedSouls. This is still a work in progress and will be realized in the near future.

What will happen to my previously submitted runs that were already listed on the SpeedSouls leaderboards?

Staff will make sure to port all of your speedruns from the leaderboards of SpeedSouls to the leaderboards of
If you do find your speedruns not yet visible on, please resubmit your speedrun(s) to

How do I submit a run now?

  • Click on the "Submit A Run" button on the top right of SpeedSouls.
  • On the next page, click on the link of the respective game you would like to submit a run to.
  • You will get forwarded to the submission form on of the chosen game. Make sure to fill in all fields as best as possible.

Do I need to create an account on in order to Submit a run?

No, it is not mandatory to create an account. Your speedrun will simply not be linked to a profile if you choose not to create an account. Your name and VOD will further list as normal after submitting a speedrun.
Be aware that the name you fill in in the Player 1 field of the Submission Form of has to be similiar to your account name on if you want your run to get attached to your profile.
If you do decide to create account on but speedruns with your name mentioned in it do not link to your newly created profile, please contact the SpeedSouls staff.

What happens to SpeedSouls after this?

Nothing happens to SpeedSouls! The Wiki containing all the information regarding all Souls speedrunning will still remain as it is.
Like mentioned previously, in the future an API synchronization will be created from the leaderboards of to show back the times on SpeedSouls as well.