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Rank Runner In-Game Time (Real Time Attack) Route VOD
1. Kahmul78 46:57 (48:53) BKH Twitch
2. Distortion2 49:52 (51:50) BKH Twitch
3. ivh3n 50:06 (51:46) BKH Twitch
4. Samots 50:28 (52:39) BKS YouTube
5. Santzo84 50:32 (51:52) BKH Twitch
6. Mik0_Sama 50:58 (53:11) BKH Twitch
7. TylersGaming 51:14 (53:11) BKH Twitch
8. Inarmo 51:28 (53:56) BKH Twitch
9. Noobest 52:01 (53:13) BKH Twitch
10. mordos_ 52:03 (53:31) BKGS Twitch
11. Saastutin 52:43 (54:35) BKGS YouTube
12. tokhi_join 53:46 (55:56) - Twitch
13. Takumi 53:46 (55:52) - NicoNico
14. NaxHPL 54:03 (56:48) BKGS Twitch
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Recent News and Updates
  • 3rd April 15

    Due to the new patch 1.03 for Bloodborne, all previously done Any% (Current Patch) and All Bosses runs are not valid anymore. The respective leaderboards will be kept for archiving purposes only and will not be updated (also refer to here). Runs can still be submitted on our subreddit as usual.
  • 28th March 15

    Bloodborne was released earlier this week, for now we are going to have Leaderboards only. If you are interested in writing content for this game, please let us know.
  • 9th February 15

    Due to new content that was released for Dark Souls II, old All Bosses runs are not valid anymore.
  • 22nd January 15

    A skip in the Demon Ruins area was discovered by Distortion2, potentially saving up to 3 minutes, for details see Firesage Skip.

Recent Speedruns

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