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  • Cell Door at the beginning of the game
  • The east and west cell doors in the Undead Asylum
  • Big Pilgrim's door at the end of the Undead Asylum
  • Gate between Valley of Drakes and New Londo Ruins
  • The 7 cell doors in the Duke's prison
  • The big exit door of the Duke's prison
  • The big Blighttown entrance door
  • The 2 cage doors in Sen's Fortress
  • Door to the Depths
  • Door to reach the seal in New Londo Ruins
  • The door to the Gold Pine Resins in Undead Burg
  • Griggs' locked door
  • Door to the bonfire in the Depths
  • The two Havel watchtower doors
  • The Basement Key door leading to lower Undead Burg
  • The Annex Key door in Painted World
  • The Crest Key door leading to Gough