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  • Anastacia + Lautrec: Free Lautrec, let him kill Anastacia, then kill Lautrec in Anor Londo and revive Anastacia in Firelink afterwards.
  • Ciaran: Make her disappear by giving her Artorias' Soul.
  • Crestfallen Warrior: Trigger his dialogues to make him go hollow, then kill him in New Londo Ruins.
  • Domhnall: Make him move to the Firelink aqueduct by ringing both Bells of Awakening.
  • Dusk: Rescue Dusk from Manus.
  • Griggs: Free him in Undead Burg, buy all his spells to make him go hollow, then kill him in Sen's Fortress.
  • Ingward: Make him move to Firelink by talking to him before and after killing Four Kings.
  • Laurentius: Free him in the Depths, show him a chaos pyromancy to make him go hollow, then kill him in Blighttown
  • Logan: Free him in Sen's, make him go hollow in the Duke's Archives by buying all his spells, then kill him at the first Seath encounter arena.
  • Oswald: Make him appear by ringing the Church bell.
  • Patches: Make him move to Firelink.
  • Quelaana: Has to be gone from Blighttown by the end of the run. This may be achieved by simply ignoring her but if you do use her services you have to buy all her spells, get an ascended pyromancy flame and kill Bed of Chaos to make her leave.
  • Rhea: Rescue her in the Tomb, buy all her miracles to make her go hollow, then kill her in Duke's Archives.
  • Shiva: Join the Forest Covenant to make him appear. After that him being in Darkroot or in Blighttown are both equally valid final states as they are non-permanent based on your covenant.
  • Siegmeyer + Sieglinde: Help Siegmeyer in Sen's, Anor Londo, Blighttown, Izalith and talk to Sieglinde in Firelink to make them move to Ash Lake.
  • Solaire: Talk to him throughout Lordran to make him go hollow or save him. Kill him in Izalith if hollowed.
  • Sif (DLC): Free him from the Humanity sprites.