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  • The shortcut door in the Undead Asylum
  • The sealed gate of New Londo Ruins
  • The Chaos Servant shortcut gate
  • The 3 shortcut elevators in the DLC
  • The 2 small shortcut doors in the Anor Londo cathedral
  • The big elevator at the beginning of Anor Londo
  • The big cathedral gate in Anor Londo
  • The shortcut gate next to the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo
  • The elevator connecting Firelink and Parish
  • The cage elevator shortcut in Sen's Fortress
  • The shortcut door next to Hush in Sen's Fortress
  • The cell door in the aqueduct connecting Firelink and lower Undead Burg
  • The cell door connecting lower and upper Undead Burg
  • The Crest of Artorias door in Darkroot
  • The shortcut ladder in New Londo Ruins
  • The shortcut ladder at the Undead Burg bonfire
  • The giant bookshelf connecting the courtyard and the hall with the balcony bonfire in Duke's Archives
  • The extendible stairway just before the Crystal Cave
  • The two walls removed by 2 levers next to Necromancers in the Catacombs
  • The shortcut wall to Vamos in Catacombs (broken by triggering the cutscene)
  • The gate leading to Priscilla in the Painted World
  • The shortcut door next to the bonfire in the Painted World
  • The shortcut door near the Depths bonfire