Dark Rapier

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This is an overview of the current Dark Rapier Dark Souls II Any% Old Souls route.


  • Unequip all Armor and enter the hut.
  • Start as Explorer with Healing Wares.
  • Unequip all armor, dagger and ring, head to Majula.
  • Kill Maughlin with Witching Urns and pick up the Tseldora Armor.
  • Talk with the Emerald Herald (only need to trigger the first line) and light the bonfire.
  • Head to Forest of the Fallen Giants.

Last Giant

  • Open the gate.
  • Drop Dagger and Ring, manage equipment.
  • Pick up Homeward Bone and Soul of a Lost Undead.
  • Use the soul while talking to Melentia.
  • Buy Handaxe, Firebomb x2, light the bonfire.
  • Bomb the wall.
  • Equip Handaxe and Tseldora set. - equip Tseldora set before receiving souls after every boss fight until Lost Sinner from now on, unequip inbetween bosses)
  • Kill Last Giant (Aromatic Ooze) and use the Darksign immediately to keep the souls.


  • Use the soul of the Last Giant.
  • Buy Brightbug x2 and Lenigrast's Key, talk for the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +1 and exhaust her dialogue to send Melentia back.
  • Equip the ring before Pursuer souls drop
  • Kill Pursuer with the ballistae.
  • Warp to Lost Bastille.

Lost Bastille

  • Pick up the Large Titanite Shard (and Radiant Lifegem).
  • Start the Barrel roll (help out with firebomb if it does not break the wall by itself).
  • Light the bonfire and rest to de-aggro enemy mobs.
  • Open the chest with Large Titanite Shards x2 and pick them up.
  • Warp to Majula.


  • Interact with Emerald Herald and open the door to Lenigrast.
  • Head to Heide's Tower of Flame.
  • Manage your inventory on the way (e.g. drop Handaxe, equip/unequip items).
  • Dragonrider jump.
  • Kill Dragonrider by making him fall, use Soul of the Pursuer while waiting for his death.
  • Interact with Licia and send her back. Use the Homeward Bone.


  • Level 19 Endurance, 12 Dexterity.
  • Buy Rapier, Mace, Titanite Shard x7, Arrows x11 from Lenisgrat.
  • Upgrade Rapier to +5, Mace to +1.
  • Buy Catsilver Ring, Homeward Bone x2, Alluring Skulls x8+.
  • Go down the Majula hole.
  • Kill the crystal lizard on the bridge (Mace) and pick up Large Titanite Shard and Darkstone.
  • Make your way to Black Gulch.
  • Kill Rotten (Aromatic Ooze, Brightbug), Homeward Bone.

Skeleton Lords

  • Level 12 Vigor, 8 Faith, 8 Intelligence.
  • Buy Brightbug x3, Lifegem x11 from Melentia.
  • Buy Cleric's Sacred Chime and Homeward from Licia and move path (use Soul of the Rotten while talking here or at Felkin).
  • Buy Archdrake Staff, Dark Weapon and Dark Pine Resin x3 from Felkin.
  • Lower the Bridge.
  • Kill Skeleton Lords (Aromatic Ooze/Dark Pine Resin).

Covetous Demon and Mytha

  • Lower the bridge.
  • Pick up Titanite Chunk in the poison area behind Chloanne.
  • Perform Earthen Peak Out of Bounds.
  • Kill Covetous Demon (Aromatic Ooze).
  • Use Brightbug while waiting for fogwall to clear.
  • Kill Mytha (Dark Pine Resin)
  • Use your boss souls on the elevator.

Old Iron King

  • Use Aromatic Ooze if you did not use it on Skeleton Lords, Dark Pine Resin otherwise.
  • Kill the two Alonne Knights in front of the door.
  • Pick up Dull Ember, Large Titanite Shard x2 (with Petrified Dragon Bone(s)).
  • Kill Old Iron King ( Dark Pine Resin, Brightbug), Homeward Bone.

Ruin Sentinels

  • Level 13 Attunement, 18 Faith, 18 Intelligence.
  • Buy Brightbug x3 from Melentia.
  • Attune Dark Weapon and Homeward, warp to Lost Bastille.
  • Upgrade Rapier to +7, infuse it with Dark.
  • Kill Ruin Sentinels (Dark Weapon).

Lost Sinner

  • Open the double gates, use boss souls.
  • Buff on elevator (brightbug, dark weapon).
  • Kill Lost Sinner, homeward out. Tseldora set not needed anymore from here on


  • Warp to Majula and Level 18 Vigor, 31 Endurance.
  • Light Ruined Forked Road bonfire.
  • Pick up Cholanthy Ring +1.
  • Kill Najka (Dark Weapon).


  • Kill Magus and Congregation (Dark Weapon).
  • If you want to go for +10: Kill Crystal Lizard (cliff straight forward) and pick up Titanite Chunk on the platform below.
  • Kill Freya (Dark Weapon, Brightbug); PICK UP GREAT SOUL, homeward out.


  • If you want to go for +10: Kill Crystal Lizard before Drangleic Castle.
  • Open Castle Gates.
  • Open gate towards Dragonriders and light King's Gate bonfire.
  • If you want to go for +10: Warp to Majula, upgrade Rapier to +10.
  • Pick up Soul of a Hero, Old Radiant Lifegem x3, Monastery Charm.
  • Kill Dragonriders (Dark Weapon, Bow (to get the archer down)).

Looking Glass Knight

  • Activate Elevator.
  • Light Center Castle Drangleic bonfire.
  • Go up elevator and pick up King's Gate Key, homeward.
  • Kill Looking Glass Knight (Dark Weapon).

Demon of Song

  • Run through Amana.
  • Kill Demon of Song (Dark Weapon).


  • Use Brightbug on staircase before the invasion, Bow for door-shield guys.
  • Kill Velstadt (Dark Weapon, Brightbug).
  • Pick up King's Ring, Darksign.

Guardian Dragon

  • Warp to Ruined Forked Road.
  • Pick up Red Tear Stone Ring (RTSR).
  • Open the King's Gate in front of Aldia's Keep.
  • Use Dark Weapon while getting hit by the second ogre breaking the wall for RTSR range.
  • Kill Guardian Dragon (Dark Weapon, RTSR).

Ashen Mist

  • Run through Dragon Aerie (Aerie jump) and Dragon Shrine.
  • Talk to Ancient Dragon while using Homeward -> Ashen Mist.

Giant Lord

  • Warp to Cardinal Tower.
  • Perform Giant Lord jump (unequip Silvercat Ring for RTSR range) and enter the memory.
  • Kill Giant Lord (Dark Weapon, RTSR) and homeward out.

Throne Duo and Nashandra

  • Warp to King's Gate bonfire.
  • Take damage by jumping onto the path to the throne so you can use an Old Radiant Lifegem at the start of the fight.
  • Kill Throne Watcher and Throne Defender (Dark Weapon, Brightbug).
  • Kill Nashandra (Dark Weapon, Brightbug).
  • Trigger Credits.