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There are two glitches called "parrywalk" in Dark Souls II. One version is possible only on older patches, while the second version is possible on current patch as well as on Scholar of the First Sin.

Similarities and Differences between Old Patch and Current Patch Parrywalk

Both parrywalk glitches are performed by cancelling a riposte on a parried enemy. Also, both glitches allow the player to walk in the air. Getting out of bounds and changing your height by the use of a ladder is also possible during both glitches.

There are, however, multiple differences distinguishing the Old Patch and the Current Patch version of parrywalk:

Differences between Current Patch and Old Patch Parrywalk
Old Patch Parrywalk Current Patch Parrywalk
Starting the Parrywalk The old patch parrywalk is performed by rolling over the parried enemy and riposting slightly later, the timing depending on various variables detailed below. The current patch parrywalk is performed by jumping over the parried enemy at the same frame as riposting it. Since this requires a jump out of a stillstand, this requires the Moon Butterfly Skirt or Wings.
Height During the old patch parrywalk, the player can increase or decrease his height by jumping or using a ladder. The height during the current patch parrywalk is locked to the height of the player at the end of the jump performed to cancel the riposte on the parried enemy.
Duration The old patch parrywalk duration is theoretically infinite. Parrywalk only ends if the player either dies or deloads the enemy he performed parrywalk on. The current patch parrywalk duration is limited to 28 seconds.
Movement The character has no movement restrictions during the old patch parrywalk. The character cannot jump or roll during the current patch parrywalk.

Version 1: Old Patch

The parrywalk glitch on Old Patch was discovered on may 26th 2014 by xlrve and allows the player to go OoB at almost any place and circumvent many obstacles in the game by parrying an enemy, followed by rolling and riposting the enemy at about the same time while locked on (see below). Fixed in Patch 1.04.

A variation of the glitch, called itemwalk glitch, was possible but far more limited than the Parrywalk version due to not being able to change your height once achieved. Performed by using an item and riposting at the same time. Fixed in Patch 1.09.

Both the parrywalk and itemwalk glitch are patched by default on Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. However, an airwalk glitch has been performed by accident on may 23rd 2015, by Feedatron during a PVP match.

Performing the Glitch

The timing required to pull off a parrywalk varies slightly with the type of enemy, distance to the enemy as well as obstacles and slopes or rocks on the ground. A general rule of thumb is to perform the roll about 4 frames before the attack (on mouse and keyboard the order is reversed due to mouse click delay). Good indications for failed timings are:

  • Getting a normal riposte: attack was too early
  • Getting the roll, but no punch or enemy reaction: attack was likely slightly too early (or distance too far)
  • Getting a punch after the roll: attack was too late
  • Enemy behaving as if riposted, but not rolling through the enemy: very close to the correct timing

With no punch or enemy reaction it is sometimes possible to make another attempt at the parrywalk before the enemy gets back up, if the first attempt was quick enough.

Version 2: Current Patch and Scholar of the First Sin

Parrywalking on current patch (also known as Partywalking following a typo by doom338) was discovered on January 13th 2022 by plupperino. It has similar properties as version 1, but the player is not able to jump or roll, and the parrywalk timer is limited to 28 seconds. The player can also only change their height by using ladders; however they can slip over walls by the use of slopes.

As a prerequisite to the glitch, the player needs to equip the Moon Butterfly Skirt or Wings, sold by Maughlin the Armourer on Majula bonfire intensity 2+ after spending 15000 souls in his shop. The skirt or wings enables the player to jump without needing to sprint, which is required to perform this glitch.

The execution of parrywalk is similar to old patch, but the player needs to riposte and jump on the same frame. If done right, the player will jump over the enemy, and start the 28 second parrywalk timer.

Troubleshooting failed scenarios:

  • The player jumps into the enemy: attacked too late
  • Normal riposte: attacked too early

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