Anri's Straight Sword Any%

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This is an overview of the current Any% route.

Character Creation

  • Pick Assassin Class
  • Pick Black Firebomb for burial gift

Cemetary of Ash

  • Unequip head and chest armor
  • Grab Ashen Estus Flask

Iudex Gundyr

  • Hit him with 5 R1's as he is getting up.
  • Parry him and do 4 hits on the stagger
  • Do 2 more hits as he is back up
  • Parry him again, throw a firebomb and immediately riposte him after.
  • Do 1x R1 to re-stagger him, then throw another firebomb and finish him off with a final R1.

Firelink Shrine #1

  • Buy 2x Homeward Bones

High Wall Of Lothric

  • Pickup Gold Pine Resin
  • Spook Quitouts down the Fountain.
  • Pickup 1x Ember next to the Fountain
  • Kill Emma with Black Firebomb and x2 2 Handed Charged R2's
  • Pickup Banner and Basin and Quit after Dancer Triggers
  • Run to Vordt

Vordt of the Boreal Valley

  • 9 R1s to phase 2, 8 if at least one counter hit
  • If no counter hits during the fight, finish with R2
  • Quitout on door when receiving the boss soul.

Run to Anri

  • Pick up 2x Charcoal Pine Bundle
  • Run to Bridge Skip
  • Spook down to sewers and climb the ladder to Irina.
  • Talk to Irina and continue to Anri
  • Spook down Elevator and immediately roll off
  • Pickup 1x Ember before Outrider Knight

Road of Sacrifices

  • Grab Divine Braille Tome for Irina
  • Trigger Anri using 2x 2-Handed Charged R2's and 1x Black Firebomb. Then perform Anri Cheese method.
  • Bone after picking up Anri's Straight Sword

Firelink Shrine #2

  • Sell 2x Ember and Soul of Vordt of the Boreal Valley
  • Run to Irina and buy Tears of Denial and Saint's Ring
  • Bone back to Firelink Shrine
  • Equip Saint's Ring and Attune ToD
  • Warp to Halfway Fortress

Catacombs of Carthus

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

  • Light Distant Manor bonfire.
  • Drink Ashen Estus for FP
  • Quitout for invader

Irithyll Dungeon

  • Spook quit twice to Profaned Capital

Yhorm the Giant

  • Use Stormruler and don't get memed.
  • Darksign to Firelink after beating Yhorm

Firelink Shrine #3

  • Sell Yhorm soul
  • Give Gravewarden's Ashes
  • Buy 3x Carthus Rouge and 11x Homeward Bone
  • Level 28 Luck
  • Warp to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

  • Perform Doll Skip and get to Aldrich
  • Use Bleed on Aldrich. 45 hits to kill him.

Grand Archives

  • Kill two crystal lizards with 1x charged R2 and 3x R1's (bundles)
  • Pick up 3x Twinkling Titanite in chest
  • Pick up Soul
  • Get elevator shortcut
  • Bone after getting the shortcut

Firelink Shrine #4

  • Sell Soul (20000)
  • Upgrade Anri's Straight Sword to +3
  • Level up to 39/40 luck
  • Warp to Grand Archives

Grand Archives

  • Go up the elevator and proceed to Twin Princes.

Twin Princes, Lothric and Lorian

  • Use Bleed
  • 9 R1s to stagger Lorian
  • 18 R1s on phase 1
  • Bone to Firelink Shrine

Firelink Shrine #5

  • Warp to Farron Keep Perimiter bonfire

Abyss Watchers

  • Use 1x Gold Pine Resin.
  • Phase 1: Black Firebomb + 7 R1s or 6 R1s + R2
  • Phase 2: 6 R1s + R2
  • Bone to Firelink Shrine

Firelink Shrine #6

Kiln of the First Flame

Soul of Cinder

  • Kill Soul of Cinder using Cinder Glitch
  • Bleeds every 5 hits
  • Link the first flame and call it a day. ALT+F4 when reaching the credits and restart your game to check your In-game time.