Cinder Glitch

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The Cinder Glitch is a glitch in Dark Souls III on Patch 1.04 in which the player is able to bypass a trigger past the Fog Gate of Soul of Cinder which normally causes the Boss to attack the player, by performing a few specific movements in sequence inside the boss room, causing Soul of Cinder to fully freeze.

  • Soul of Cinder does not attack you at all when executing this glitch. The only attack the boss will do is a pre-programmed AoE attack he does when switching from Phase 1 to Phase 2.
  • The initial glitch was discovered by PeachyMike
  • The glitch is patched on Patch 1.05
  • This glitch serves as predecessor for another glitch using a similar method: Watchers Glitch

Tutorial Video

Cinder Glitch discovery by PeachyMike

Cinder Glitch executed by Nemz38