Doll Skip

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The Doll Skip is a skip in Dark Souls III in which the player skips the Irithyll Seal which normally requires the player to have the Small Doll in their inventory in order to access the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley area.

Tutorial with pictures for Doll Skip 3.0

  1. Left foot on the rock
  2. Line up head with pillar
  3. Fastroll (30.0% or lower) straight forward
  4. Slow walk off the seam at a slight angle
  5. Get to the deathcam spot
  6. Right foot in the spot between the shadows on the wall, as close to the wall as possible but not inside it
  7. Line up head with shadow on the wall 8. Run straight forward, then jump forward+right to roll against the slope, and continue spamming roll to fall damage cancel the lethal drop

Skip to 16:55 in the video hereabove.

Tutorial Videos

Used in Any%. Tutorial by Fudge Cow

Used in Any% No TearDrop. Tutorial by sin2pie

Used in Any% Current Patch. Tutorial by Leonid Karpushenko