darksouls3:In-Game Time Livesplit PlugIn

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This is an IGT plugin for LiveSplit made by Jiiks that reads the In-Game time of darksouls3:Dark Souls III from its memory.
This lets the LiveSplit timer display what the IGT value in the game currently is, meaning you see it stopping on loading screens and restarting once you gain control of your character again.


1. Using RTA for splits and displaying IGT as a separate timer:


2. Using IGT for splits instead of RTA (Rightclick -> Compare Against -> Game Time).



LiveSplit Integration

  1. Enable the plugin in the 'Edit Splits'-window (Rightclick -> Edit Splits).
  2. Set your time comparison to 'Game Time' (Rightclick -> Compare Against -> Game Time).
  3. Ready up the timer (Rightclick -> Control -> Start or by pressing your hotkey for starting the timer)


  • LiveSplit 1.6.9


Ds3Igt.dll (use only if you have problems using the LiveSplit integrated feature)


  • Make sure you are using the very latest version of the plugin, which is always available at the link above.
  • Make sure your gamefiles on Steam are validated.
  • Make sure you're comparing against Game Time in LiveSplit.
  • Make sure you actually enabled the IGT-PlugIn in the 'Edit Splits'-window.
  • Make sure you actually readied up the timer in the 'Control' option.