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Duping is a glitch found in V1.08 in which the player is able to dupe a Soul which is consumed or dropped on the soul on the ground and then using a Miracle Heal spell and a consumable afterwards.
When the player consumes or drops a soul, it stores the effect of the consumption or the effect of dropping of the soul on the ground in the game memory and then the effect gets re-applied using a Miracle healing spell and consumable. Its possible to multi-dupe souls by leaving a soul, then using a Miracle healing spell and consumable and then picking the soul back up, or just single dupe by consuming the soul and use the Heal spell and consumable.

  • The glitch got discovered on V1.08 , got patched in the pre-DLC2 patch but made its return on a later DLC2 patch: V1.12
  • Tumblebuff is a glitch executed by using the same method as setting up Duping

Execution V1.12 (New Tumblebuff & Dupe)

Duping made its return on V1.12, though it does not work using consumables such as Estus Flasks and other consumables with a slower animation anymore. It can only be used using consumables with a fast animation, such as Throwing Knives. Furthermore Duping works with every spell/miracle now and is not restricted to Heal Aid.

V1.12 Tumblebuff tutorial by Nemz38

Execution V1.08 - 1.09 (Old Dupe)

V1.08 - 1.09 Tumblebuff tutorial by PeachyMike