Sellsword Twinblades All Bosses +4

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This is an overview of the current All Bosses route.

Character Creation

  • Pick Assassin Class
  • Pick Fire Gem for gift

Cemetary of Ash

  • Unequip head and chest armor
  • Grab Ashen Estus Remains

Iudex Gundyr

  • Perform 13x R1,
  • Do 2x Charged 2-handed R2’s
  • Do 3x R1’s to finish him off

Firelink Shrine #1

  • Drop Estoc
  • Buy 1x Shortsword and 1x Dagger
  • Infuse Shortsword with Fire Gem + Allot Estus
  • Light bonfire
  • Warp to High Wall of Lothric

High Wall of Lothric

  • Grab 2x Gold Pine Resin
  • Grab 6x Throwing Knives
  • Receive Small Banner from Emma
  • Equip Gold Pine Resin

Vordt of the Boreal Valley

  • Dupe Gold Pine Resin on Fire Shortsword
  • 15 Hits to Stagger (No Charge Kill) – 7x R1’s + 6x R1’s + 2x R1’s
  • Quit out at the door

Undead Settlement

  • Grab 2x Alluring Skulls
  • Grab 1x Charcoal Pine bundle
  • Grab Estus Shard
  • Grab Charcoal Pine Resin
  • Kill the lizard and get sharp gem

Cursterotted Greatwood

Undead Settlement

  • Use a skull on bridge and Quit out at the door
  • Cast Spook and drop down
  • Go to Farron Skip spot
  • Quit out at the corner for Farron Skip
  • Perform Farron Keep Skip
  • Quit and get Sellswords/Coal
  • Light Farron Keep Perimiter Bonfire

Abyss Watchers

Catacombs of Carthus

  • Kill the Skeleton (3r1's) for the Undead Boneshard
  • Jump over to the other side
  • Pickup 3x Carthus Rouge
  • Grab 1x Large Titanite Shard
  • Grab Gravewarden's Ashes (Quit out before it)

High Lord Wolnir

  • Tumblebuff 1x Charcoal Pine Resin and start the fight.
  • 1st bracelet: 1x Two Handed Charged R2 and 1 Two Handed Non*Charged R2
  • 2nd bracelet: 8x R1´s
  • 3rd bracelet: (quick kill) 4 R1´s + 2R1´s to avoid the 1 hp meme
  • Pop Watcher's Soul
  • Light Bonfire and run to bridge
  • Use Spook and Dupe with throwing knife
  • Use spook and dupe with a throwing knife
  • Grab Large shard
  • Light Abandoned Tomb bonfire
  • Bone to Firelink Shrine

Firelink Shrine #2

  • Sell Boss Souls
  • Give Gravewardens Ashes
  • Buy 12x Titanite Shards, 12x Bones
  • Give Coal
  • Reinforce +4 Twinblades
  • Infuse Twinblades with Sharp Gem
  • Reinforce Estus +1
  • Level up: 39 Dexterity
  • Burn Undead Boneshard
  • Warp to Farron Keep Perimeter

Farron Keep

  • Grab 4x Green Blossom
  • Grab Grass Crest Shield and equip it
  • Run to Sage

Crystal Sage

  • Parry, Pop Charcoal Pine Bundle and Riposte and hit him with 4x L1’s or wait for Soulmass

Road of Sacrifices

  • Light Chapel Bonfire
  • Grab Estus Shard

Cathedral of the Deep

  • Grab Lloyd's Sword Ring
  • Daggerwalk towards Deacons
  • Equip Lloyd´s Sword Ring

Deacons of the Deep

  • Use 1x Bundle for Phase 2
  • Bone to Last Bonfire

Road of Sacrifices

  • Enter DLC1 and Bone to Firelink to unlock the Snowfield bonfire

Firelink Shrine #3

  • Warp to High Lord Wolnir

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

  • Use 1x Carthus Rouge
  • Kill the Pontiff Beast
  • 2 hits on the head to stagger, 3 more hits
  • Equip Pontiff Ring
  • Perform Irithyll Skip
  • Light Bonfire
  • Make your way through the sewer
  • Use Alluring Skull on dogs

Pontiff Sulyvahn

  • Parry, riposte, 2x L1´s, parry, riposte, L1's

Anor Londo

  • Grab Easterner's Ashes
  • Pop Pontiffs soul on elevator
  • Grab Estus Shard in Chest

Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

  • Use 1x Gold Pine Resin
  • Spam L1
  • Bone to Last Bonfire

Irithyll Dungeon

  • Spook quit out
  • Grab Undead Bone Shard from Gilligan's body
  • Light Profaned Tower bonfire
  • Spook quit out to the bridge down low

Yhorm the Giant

  • Use Stormruler and dont get memed
  • Pop Deacons Soul after Yhorm dies

Lothric Castle

  • Dupe Deacons Soul after killing Emma

Dancer of the Boreal Valley

  • Use 1x Carthus Rouge while walking into the altar.
  • Phase 1: 8 L1´s to stagger
  • Phase 2: 6 L1´s to kill
  • Light Lothric Castle bonfire
  • Consume Aldrich soul with Spook
  • Equip Assassin Armor to get through the toxic after elevator
  • Spook down elevator
  • Pick up 1x Titanite Chunk after falling down.
  • Equip Head/Chest Assassin and Herald Gloves/Pants. (This will survive one insta-charge from Oceiros with 10 Vigor.)

Oceiros, The Consumed King

  • Use Gold Pine Resin and Blossom
  • 6 L1´s to Stagger
  • Grab Path of the Dragon gesture

Untended Graves

  • Light Untended Graves bonfire
  • Warp to Profaned Capital bonfire

Profaned Capital

  • Pickup Xanthous Ashes
  • Sit and get warped to Archdragon Peak

Archdragon Peak

  • Make your way to Wyvern

Ancient Wyvern

  • Dupe Yhorm's Soul before CSS
  • Perform Chain Snake Skip
  • Pickup and equip Ring of Steel Protection
  • Make your way through Archdragon Peak Top
  • Light Great Belfry bonfire
  • Grab Dragon Chaser's Ashes
  • Bone to Firelink Shrine

Firelink Shrine #4

  • Sell souls except for Sage Soul
  • Give Ashes to maiden
  • Buy 11x Gold Pine Resin, 11x Gold Pine Bundles, 11x Large Shards, 11x Chunks,
  • Upgrade Sellsword´s Twinblades to +9
  • Reinforce Estus +2
  • Level up: 29 Endurance
  • Burn Undead Bone Shard
  • Warp to Lothric Castle

Lothric Castle

  • Quit out through dragonfire and heal before fight

Dragonslayer Armor

  • Use 1x Gold Pine Bundle
  • 5 L1´s for first stagger
  • Spam L1´s to kill
  • Make your way into the archives

Grand Archives

Twin Princes, Lorian and Lothric

  • Use Gold Pine Resin
  • Phase 1: L1
  • Phase 2: 10 L1´s to kill older brother
  • Use Dragonslayer Soul and dupe it while waiting for the death animation
  • Bone back to Firelink Shrine

Firelink Shrine #5

  • Warp to Untended Graves

Untended Graves

Champion Gundyr

  • Use Gold Bundle
  • 3 L1´s, parry, 3L1´s, parry, 2 L1´s, wait until he gets up, 3 L1´s
  • Bone to Firelink

Firelink Shrine #6

  • Perform Place Souls Skip
  • Level up: 20 Vigor
  • Buy Titanite Slab and Upgrade to +10
  • Kill Firekeeper to cancel the auto warp to the Kiln.
  • Warp to Snowfield

Painted World of Ariandel

Sister Friede

  • Use Gold Pine Resin
  • Phase 1: L1
  • Phase 2: Throw dagger at Friede, Run to left corner, L1 Ariandel.
  • Phase 3: Reapply Gold Pine Resin and use blossom, L1 her when coming down from the opener attack and backstab her after her first attack, kill her
  • Go to DLC2

The Dreg Heap

  • Drop to Earthen Peak
  • Perform Angel Skip
  • Light Bonfire before Demon Prince boss and rest if low Estus / Health

Demon Prince

  • Use Gold Pine Resin
  • Phase 1: Kill Demon from Below then Demon in Pain
  • Phase 2: Apply Carthus Rouge and do 6x L1’s before he transforms. Use Green Blossom, Kill Boss
  • Pickup Banner and Warp to The Ringed City

The Ringed City

  • Quit out to Judicator and use 1x Gold Pine Bundle to kill
  • Perform Upper Partake Skip
  • Light Inner Wall Bonfire and rest for estus and health.
  • Grab Chloranthy Ring +3
  • Run down to the Midir Ledge and Spook quitout down
  • Make your way to the Lower Partake Skip spot and execute it.

Darkeater Midir

  • Use Gold Bundles
  • Use Dark Sign to last rested bonfire
  • Make your way to the Spears of the Church chapel
  • Pickup 2x Budding Green Blossoms


  • Use Gold Bundle on Judicator
  • Use Gold Pine Resin for Rest
  • Use Budding Green Blossom whilst waiting for Halflight
  • Take the elevator up
  • Bone to last rested bonfire after you teleport

Slave Knight Gael

  • Use Gold Pine Resin for P1 and P2
  • Use Budding Blossoms for P1 and P2
  • Bone to Firelink Shrine

Firelink Shrine #7

  • Interact with the bonfire to get warped to the Flameless Shrine.
  • During the warp, bone to Last Rested bonfire to immediately get warped to the Kiln start.

Kiln of the First Flame

  • Use Gold Pine Resin and Blossom
  • Phase 1: L1
  • Phase 2: Reapply Gold Pine Resin L1
  • Link the First Flame

Firelink Shrine #8

  • Warp to Great Belfry

Archdragon Peak

Nameless King

  • Use Human Pine Resin
  • Phase 1: L1
  • Phase 2: L1
  • Bone to Firelink Shrine

Firelink Shrine #9

  • Warp to Abandoned Tomb==

Smouldering Lake

Old Demon King

  • Use Gold Pine Bundle
  • L1's 5-3-2
  • Quit out when you see boss defeated
  • Check your In-game time.