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This is an overview of the current Black Knight Sword BKS Dark Souls Any%. Note, that this does not include any safety strategies for people learning the route.


Asylum Demon

  • Start as Hunter with Master Key.
  • Unequip the Straight Sword Hilt and drop it as you open the Asylum door.
  • Pick up the Shortsword and the Shortbow and the Leather Shield.
  • Kill Asylum Demon, fly to Firelink.

Taurus Demon

  • Go through the Undead Burg.
  • Buy the Rapier and 2-4 Firebombs from the Undead Merchant (2 for BoC, 1 for Seath, 1 for safety).
  • Go to the Black Knight, kill him by riposting thrice with rapier, getting you the BKS.
  • Grab the Gold Pine Resin.
  • Use the Gold Pine Resin on the Shortsword and kill the lizard before Taurus Demon boss fight.
  • Kill Taurus Demon.

Belfry Gargoyles

  • Run across the Hellkite Drake bridge.
  • Shoot the Hellkite Drake with your Shortbow, use the Gold Pine Resin on the Shortsword and cut his tail.
  • Run towards the Sunlight Altar bonfire, pull the lever.
  • Run through the Undead Church, send the elevator down to Firelink Shrine (don't go down yourself).
  • Kill Gargoyles with moveswapped Drake Sword, ring the bell and dupe the Homeward Bone.

Chaos Witch Quelaag & Centipede Demon & The Bed of Chaos

  • Level 17 Vitality, 14 Strength and 18 Dexterity.
  • Throw Lautrec of Carim of the cliff with Drake Sword’s R2. Reload the game and pick up the Ring of Favor and Protection (FAP ring).
  • Take the elevator to New Londo Ruins. Equip the FAP ring and heal once.
  • Go to Rickert of Vinheim and upgrade BKS to +2.
  • Kill Quelaag with moveswapped BKS.
  • Ring the second bell, drop down the hole and go to the Demon Ruins.
  • Ceaseless Skip.
  • Firesage Skip (with the greatsword - BKS).
  • Kill Centipede Demon with moveswapped BKS.
  • Equip Orange Charred Ring and run to The Bed of Chaos.
  • Kill The Bed of Chaos with Tokhi Bombs and Homeward Bone back to Undead Parish.

Great Grey Wolf Sif

  • Go up the elevator from Firelink Shrine to Undead Parish, dupe Soul of Quelaag 4 times, use it up on the 5th time.
  • Rest at Undead Parish bonfire, level 20 Endurance and 30 Strength.
  • Buy the Crest of Artorias and the Weapon Smithbox from Andre of Astora.
  • Ruin Skip and pick up the Stone Armor.
  • Pick up Hornet Ring before the fight.
  • Kill Sif with moveswapped BKS then use the Homeward Bone or Darksign without waiting.

Iron Golem

  • Head through Sen's Fortress, don't pick anything up.
  • Buy 6-15 Green Blossoms.
  • Kill Iron Golem with moveswapped BKS. He will fall off with two running attacks.

Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough

  • Rest at the Anor Londo bonfire, level Strength to 34 and rest into Vitality.
  • Use Core of the Iron Golem at the elevator.
  • Run through the rafters and past the Silver Knight archers.
  • Jump over the railing of the stairs, Moveswap the BKS and eat a Green Blossom.
  • Kill Ornstein, then Super Smough.
  • Kill Gwynevere with the bow, dupe a Homeward Bone and warp to Firelink Shrine.

Seath the Scaleless

  • Warp to Firelink, head to Firelink Altar, place the Lordvessel and warp to Anor Londo using it. Head to The Duke's Archives.
  • dupe Soul of Sif five times on two elevators (2 / 3).
  • Duke Skip.
  • Kill two Crystal Lizards.
  • Moveswap the BKS and try and avoid having clams in your Seath fight.
  • Destroy the Primordial Crystal with a Firebomb and kill Seath with moveswapped BKS.
  • Pop Soul of Sif and Homeward Bone out.

Pinwheel & Gravelord Nito

  • Upgrade the BKS to +4, level up Vitality or Endurance and warp to Firelink Shrine.
  • Head towards the Catacombs, Moveswap before Pinwheel.
  • Kill Pinwheel with moveswapped BKS.
  • Keep moveswap for Nito fight.
  • Equip Stone Armor as you go through the Nito foggate.
  • Use Green Blossom and Kill Nito, unequip armor, then Homeward Bone back to Firelink Shrine.

Four Kings

  • Head out to New Londo Ruins.
  • Seal Skip.
  • Go towards Four Kings, make sure you have the Covenant of Artorias equipped.
  • Moveswap and eat a Green Blossom in The Abyss.
  • Kill Four Kings and Darksign back.

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

  • Enter the Kiln of the First Flame.
  • Equip Stone Armor for safety while going through the foggate.
  • Kill Gwyn with BKS and Hornet Ring by riposting.