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This is an overview of the current Magic Great Club Dark Souls Any% route without the Firesage Skip. Note, that this does not include any safety strategies for people learning the route.


Asylum Demon

  • Start as Hunter with Master Key.
  • Unequip the Straight Sword Hilt and drop it as you open the Asylum door.
  • Pick up the Shortsword and the Shortbow (not the Leather Shield).
  • Kill Asylum Demon, fly to Firelink.

Belfry Gargoyles

  • Take the elevator to New Londo Ruins.
  • Pick up the Estoc, turn around and make your way through the Valley of Drakes.
  • Pick up the Soul of a Proud Knight at the Undead Dragon.
  • Climb up the ladder near the drakes and grab the Red Tearstone Ring (RTSR).
  • Roll off and roll three times towards the bridge. Run accross the bridge to the elevator.
  • Pop the Soul of a Proud Knight (dupe it once to skip killing Oswald later on) on the elevator, equip the RTSR and unequip your armor.
  • Grab and equip the Grass Crest Shield, ignore the Black Knight.
  • Run towards the Undead Parish and buy a Battle Axe from Andre of Astora.
  • Level 16 Strength (up to 18 if you duped the Soul of a Proud Knight).
  • Get in RTSR range by backstepping through the Berenike Knight's attack.
  • Kill Gargoyles, ring the bell, use one Estus Flask and drop down to Oswald of Carim for RTSR range.
  • Buy 2 Homeward Bones and use a Homeward Bone.

Chaos Witch Quelaag

  • Level 24 Strength and 12 Endurance.
  • Drop unused weapons on the elevator towards Firelink Shrine.
  • Make Lautrec fall down the cliff and pick up the Ring of Favor and Protection (FAP ring) and take the elevator to New Londo Ruins.
  • Equip the FAP ring and pop the Twin Humanity.
  • Use the Blighttown drop and poison to get into RTSR range at the foggate.
  • Pick up the Great Club in the swamp.
  • Kill Quelaag with moveswapped Great Club, ring the second bell, equip Soul of Quelaag and use a Homeward Bone.

Iron Golem

  • Dupe Soul of Quelaag 6 times, use it up for a 7th use.
  • Buy 9 Titanite Shards and upgrade the Great Club to +5.
  • Head through Sen's Fortress, get in RTSR range with Boulder Skip.
  • Buy 10 Green Titanite Shards, 4 Black Firebombs and at least 10 Green Blossoms from the Crestfallen Merchant.
  • Kill Iron Golem with moveswapped Great Club (3 running attacks, use a Green Blossom before the fight).

Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough

  • Rest at the Anor Londo bonfire, level 27 Strength and 20 Endurance.
  • Use Core of an Iron Golem on the elevator.
  • Run through the rafters and past the Silver Knight archers.
  • Get RTSR range from the Silver Knight at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Jump over the railing of the stairs and moveswap the Great Club with the Estoc and eat a Green Blossom.
  • Kill Ornstein, then Super Smough.
  • Kill Gwynevere with the bow, dupe a Homeward Bone and warp to Firelink Shrine.

Great Grey Wolf Sif

  • Place the Lordvessel, warp to Firelink Shrine again.
  • Go down to New Londo Ruins, dupe Soul of Smough twice, upgrade the Great Club to Magic +5.
  • Go down to Blighttown, dupe Soul of Smough again twice, moveswap on your way down, grab the Demon Ruins bonfire, level up Intelligence as high as you can.
  • Don't use any other bonfire from now on until you have killed Demon Firesage!
  • Warp to Undead Parish, kill Andre of Astora, get in RTSR range by using the Titanite Demon (1 hit while sprinting, 2 hits while blocking (not sprinting)).
  • Pick up the Stone Armor.
  • Use Soul of Smough while waiting for Sif's gate to open.
  • Kill Sif, dupe a Homeward Bone.

Seath the Scaleless

  • Level up Intelligence as high as you can. Warp to Anor Londo bonfire.
  • Head to The Duke's Archives.
  • Dupe Soul of Sif twice on each elevator.
  • Duke Skip.
  • Use falls to get in RTSR range.
  • Try and avoid having clams in your Seath fight.
  • Break the Primordial Crystal with a Black Firebomb and kill Seath.
  • Pop Soul of Sif and Homeward Bone out.

Demon Firesage & Centipede Demon & The Bed of Chaos

  • Level Vitality until you can do Ceaseless Skip, rest into Intelligence.
  • Ceaseless Skip.
  • Use the Ceaseless Skip and the drop to get into RTSR range (get hit by a Demonic Statue if necessary).
  • Moveswap before Demon Firesage and eat a Green Blossom.
  • Kill Demon Firesage.
  • Heal before Centipede Demon.
  • Kill Centipede Demon.
  • Equip Orange Charred Ring and run to The Bed of Chaos.
  • Kill The Bed of Chaos with Tokhi Bombs and Homeward Bone back to Firelink Shrine.

Pinwheel & Gravelord Nito

  • Put all your souls into Intelligence.
  • Head towards the Catacombs, moveswap before Pinwheel.
  • Kill Pinwheel.
  • Keep moveswap for Nito fight.
  • Equip Stone Armor as you go through the Nito foggate.
  • Use Green Blossom and Kill Nito, unequip armor, then Homeward Bone back to Firelink Shrine.

Four Kings

  • Put all your souls into Intelligence.
  • Seal Skip (make sure to remove your FAP ring after doing the RTSR setup).
  • Go towards Four Kings, make sure you have the Covenant of Artorias equipped.
  • Moveswap and eat a Green Blossom in The Abyss.
  • Kill Four Kings (2 kings: [1 running attack + 1 R1 (3 hits in total), then 2 running attacks on the death animation hitbox] x 2). Darksign back.

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

  • Enter the Kiln of the First Flame.
  • Kill Gwyn with moveswapped Great Club. Watch this video to see how (it uses BKGS, but it's the same strategy).