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This is an overview of an easier route for darksouls:All_Bosses that uses the Dragon Tooth and Sorcery with darksouls:Quantity_Storage to get to a high level and darksouls:Equip_Slot_Manipulation to obtain the Red Tearstone Ring (RTSR). Note, that this does not include any additional safety strategies for people learning the route.


Asylum Demon

  • Start as Thief with Black Fire Bombs.
  • Unequip all armour and equip the Straight Sword Hilt in your left hand at the first ladder.
  • Kill Asylum Demon with five Black Fire Bombs.
  • Run through Asylum and pick up the Bandit's Knife.
  • Quit out to break oscar's wall and talk to him for the Estus flask and his keys.
  • Leave Asylum through the shortcut door.

Taurus Demon

  • Go through the Undead Burg, buy three Standard Arrows, the Rapier, the Short Bow, the East-West Shield and Prompt swap the Bottomless Box.
  • Grab the Gold Pine Resin.
  • Kill Taurus Demon with Gold Pine Resin on the Bandit's Knife.

Iron Golem

  • Run across the Hellkite Drake bridge.
  • Shoot the Hellkite Drake with your bow, use Gold Pine Resin on the Bandit's Knife and cut his tail.
  • Run towards the Sunlight Altar bonfire, pull the lever, equip the Rapier, drop the Bandit's Knife and the Straight Sword Hilt.
  • Go through the church and perform darksouls: Sen's Gate Skip. Rest at the Undead Parish bonfire while in deathcam and level:
    • 11 Endurance.
    • 11 Strength.
  • Head through the Sen's Fortress, break the wall with the Drake Sword strong attack and free logan (listen to his dialogue or he won't move to firelink).
  • kill Iron Golem using the moveswapped Drake Sword.

Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough

  • Skip Anor Londo bonfire.
  • Dupe Core of an Iron Golem on the elevator.
  • Equip the East-West Shield on the ladder, run through the rafters and equip the Drake Sword.
  • Spin the lever twice, equip the Short Bow over the East-West Shield and go down to Darkmoon Tomb.
  • Pick up the Ring of the Sun's Firstborn and rest at the bonfire.
  • Level:
    • 15 Endurance.
    • 27 strength.
  • Perform the spinning staircase jump quitout.
  • Run past the silver archers (shoot him with a Drake Sword strong attack if needed).
  • Equip the Rapier over the Drake Sword on the foggate, run past the silver knight into the secret room and pickup the Dragon Tooth.
  • Moveswap the Dragon Tooth with the Rapier, and kill Ornstein, then Super Smough.
  • Kill Gwynevere with the bow, and Dupe a Homeward Bone.

Bell Gargoyles

  • Level:
    • 15 Intelligence.
  • Warp to the Firelink Shrine (equip the East-West shield) and rest at the bonfire. Warp to Undead Parish (unequip arrows).
  • Send the elevator down on your way up to the Gargoyles.
  • Kill Gargoyles with moveswapped Dragon Tooth, ring the bell and Darksign.

Chaos Witch Quelaag

  • Kick Lautrec off Firelink and buy the Catalyst from Rickert.
  • performe the Blight town plunges.
  • Kill Quelaag with a moveswapped Dragon Tooth and ring the bell.
  • Either kill Eingyi or kick him out of the way.
  • Rest at the Daughter Of Chaos bonfire, place Quelaag soul and arrowns in the Bottomless Box and warp to Firelink.

Stray Demon

  • Place the lordvessel with Frampt and go back to firelink with him.
  • With Frampt darksouls:Quantity_Storage:
    • Dupe Arrows to 999.
    • Dupe Quelaag Soul to 999.
    • Dupe Quelaag Soul to 98.
    • Dupe Quelaag Soul to 999.
    • Dupe Quelaag Soul to 98.
    • Dupe Quelaag Soul to 999.
    • Dupe Quelaag Soul to 99.
  • Open the quantity prompt from humanities, darksouls:Quantity_Storage four Soul Spears and buy Homing Soulmass.
  • Rest at Firelink and level:
    • 33 Vitality
    • 16 Attunement
    • 52 Endurance
    • 53 Strength
    • 45 Dexterity
    • 99 Intelligence
  • Attune Soul Spears and Homing Soulmass.
  • Pretend to be an egg.
  • Kill Stray Demon with one Homing Soulmass and multiple Soul Spears, grab the Peculiar Doll and Darksign.

Crossbreed Priscilla

  • Remove arrows from the Bottomless Box, warp to Darkmoon Tomb and equip the arrows.
  • Run up the stairs into the cathedral, and enter the Painted World.
  • Grab the Red Sign Soapstone on top of the tower.
  • Skip the Undead Dragons by dropping onto the invisible ledge next to them.
  • Moveswap and kill the two hollow archers.
    • alternatively run past them and strafe their arrows.
  • Shoot Priscilla with an arrow to see where she'll spawn.
  • Kill Priscilla with sorceries, exit the Painted World, Darksign.

Dusk of Oolacile

  • Warp to the Undead Parish, Equip the Thief set and unequip arrows.
  • At Andre, darksouls:Quantity_Storage 999 pikes with the Core of an Irom Golem (make sure you use the soul while performing the trick), buy the Weapon Smithbox, the Caduceus Kite Shield and Prompt Swap the Crest of Artorias .
  • Obtain the Red Tearstone Ring (RTSR) by using darksouls:Equip_Slot_Manipulation.
  • Run to the Darkroot Garden Bonfire, open the door with the Crest of Artorias and quitout.
  • Rest at the bonfire behind the illusory wall.
  • Go towards the Hydra. Equip the Dragon Tooth alongside the Thief set and drop onto the bridge for RTSR range (unequip the Thief's set when you land on the bridge).
  • Do a darksouls:Fall_Damage_Cancel down to the lake or slide down the ladder.
  • Run to the Hydra and kill it by removing three heads with one Soul Spear for each head.
  • Drop the Pike during the Hydra fight and pick it up again.
  • Run towards the spawn point of the Golden Golem, moveswap your Dragon Tooth, quitout and kill it with one running attack.
  • Talk to Dusk of Oolacile, say "Yes" to her (you can just buttonmash through the dialogue, it defaults to yes).
  • Go to Dusk's summoning sign and open the drop quantity prompt from your arrows.
  • darksouls:Quantity_Storage 999 Oolacile Ivory Catalyst with the Soul of Smough (make sure you use the soul while performing the trick), buy hidden body, open the "Purchase for 1000 souls" prompt and negative dupe Dragon Scales.
  • use a Homeward bone.

Moonlight Butterfly

  • Equip the Tower Kite Shield over the East-West Shield on the foggate.
  • Grab the Elite Knight set.
  • Equip the Dusk Crown Ring and drop the East-West Shield, the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst and the Drake Sword.
  • Kill Moonlight Butterfly with Soul Spears and one Homing Soulmass.

Note: if you plan on killing Sif with the dragon tooth then dupe a soul of priscilla during the fight and do the Seath the Scaleless segment before doing the Great Grey Wolf Sif one instead of the other way around

  • Use a Homeward bone.

Great Grey Wolf Sif

  • Get into RTSR range using the darksouls:Consistent_Knight, and run to Sif.
  • Remove the Dusk Crown Ring and moveswap as the door opens.
  • Kill Sif with a moveswapped Dragon Tooth or Sorceries then use a Homeward Bone without waiting.

Seath the Scaleless

  • Upgrade the Dragon Tooth to +5.
  • Attune Hidden Body over Homing Soulmass, warp to Anor Londo and Equip the Black Separation Crystal.
  • Run to the Duke's Achives, cast Hidden Body and moveswap during the first elevator ride.
  • Kill the Crystal Golem for the Broken Pendant (one running attack is enough).
  • Upwarp and perform darksouls:Duke Skip.
  • Setup RTSR with fall damage in Crystal Caves, or with the ladder skip (if you plan on doing slope quitout).
    • Optional Crystal Caves slope quitout to save multiple seconds.
  • Cast Hidden Body before aggroing the clams.
  • Shoot Seath's crystal with the Short Bow and kill him with two moveswapped Dragon Tooth attacks.
  • Equip the Dusk Crown Ring and Darksign

Sanctuary Guardian

  • Head towards the DLC portal, fall onto the bridge on the way for RTSR range.
  • Do a darksouls:Fall_Damage_Cancel down to the lake or slide down the ladder.
  • Moveswap your Dragon Tooth and acquire the Crown of Dusk.
  • Activate the portal, don't take the bonfire, and remove the Dusk Crown Ring.
  • Kill Sanctuary Guardian with the moveswapped Dragon Tooth.

Knight Artorias

  • Cast Hidden Body before running through the bridge.
  • darksouls:Air Roll dowm the shortcut elevator pit before Artorias and buy all Green Blossoms you can afford.
    • Airroll setup: rapier, pike, short bow, Caduceus Kite Shield, Thief mask, Black Leather Armor and Elite Knight Gauntlets.
  • Use a Green Blossom, equip the Crown of Dusk while going through the foggate and Kill Artorias with the moveswapped Dragon Tooth.

Black Dragon Kalameet

  • Rest at the Oolacile Township Bonfire.
  • Run to Kalameet, cast Hidden Body and take a bit of fall damage from jumping into the pit.
  • Finish the RTSR setup when falling into the arena and perform Goughless Kalameet.
  • Equip the Pike, the Black Leather Armor, the Elite Knight Gauntlets and Darksign.

Manus, Father of the Abyss

  • darksouls:Air Roll down the elevator pit next to the Oolacile Township bonfire.
    • Airroll setup: Sorcerer's Catalyst, Pike, Caduceus Kite Shield, Thief Mask, Black Leather Armor and Elite Knight Gauntlets.
  • Cast Hidden Body before crossing the bridge and darksouls:Air Roll the next elevator pit (with the same setup as the last rolls) and remove all armor when you land (either equip the Crown of Dusk here or on your way to Manus).
  • Cast Hidden Body when the character get's side to side with the bonfire.
  • Kill the two closest enemies to Dark Bead and grab the spell.
  • Take fall damage and run through the bridge.
  • Remove the Dusk Crown Ring and enter manus arena from out of bounds.
  • Consume a Green Blossoms, kill manus with a moveswapped Dragon Tooth and Darksign.

Dark Sun Gwyndolin

  • Warp to the Daughter of Chaos bonfire and equip the Short Bow where the Dragon Tooth used to e equipped.
  • Attune Dark Bead over a Soul Spear then warp to the Darkmoon Tomb bonfire.
  • Kill Gwyndolin with the AFK setup strat and Darksign.

Demon Firesage & Centipede Demon & The Bed of Chaos

  • Equip the Dragon Tooth' in your right hand then perform darksouls:Firesage_Elevator_Clip, remove Dusk Crown Ring during the plunge animation and kill Demon Firesage with a Souls Spear and two Dark Beads.
  • Setup RTSR by taking fall damge before centipede and kill him with dark beads.
  • Heal twice and equip the Orange Charred Ring.
  • Run to bed of chaos and equip the Dusk Crown Ring over the Orange Charred Ring, the Short Bow, the Black Leather Armor and the Elite Knight Gauntlets.
  • Use a Green Blossom here to roll through the branches faster and Kill Bed of Chaos by performing darksouls:Tokhi_Bombs. Darksign.

Ceaseless Discharge

  • Unequip the Dusk Crown Ring.
  • Take fall damage to setup the RTSR like seen here.
  • Kill Ceaseless Discharge with Dark Bead, unequip the Rapier equip the Pike over the Short Bow and Darksign.

Pinwheel & Gravelord Nito

  • Warp to Firelink Shrine and rest at the Firelink Shrine bonfire.
  • Head towards the Catacombs, activate the lever next to the necromancer and quitout to deaggro the skeletons.
  • Cast Hidden Body, darksouls:Air Roll down to the Bonewheel Skeletons and equip the Crown of Dusk.
    • Airroll setup: Sorcerer's Catalyst, pike, Caduceus Kite Shield, Thief mask, Black Leather Armor and Elite Knight Gauntlets.
  • Enter Pinwheel's arena and unequip your chest piece and gloves.
  • Kill Pinwheel with one Dark Bead.
  • Setup RTSR by taking various bits of damage on the way to Nito.
  • Cast Hidden Body after entering the Nito foggate but before jumping into the arena.
  • Kill Nito by shooting him with four Soul Spears.
  • Equip the Dusk Crown Ring and Darksign back to Firelink Shrine.

Four Kings

  • Unequip DCR during the standup animation.
  • Do the double backstep RTSR setup on the elevator.
  • Equip the Covenant of Artorias and unequip the Crown of Dusk during the ride.
  • Perform darksouls:Seal_Skip.
  • Kill Four Kings with four Dark Bead casts, (the first one without the Crown and the other three with it equiped). Darksign.

Capra Demon

  • Run to the Undead Burg, cast Hidden Body on the last stair and drop down to the Lower Undead Burg using the darksouls:Lower Undead Burg Skip - Method 2.
  • Kill Capra Demon, one Dark Bead is enough and quitout to get rid of aggro.

Gaping Dragon

  • Head towards the Depths and use darksouls:Area_Transition_Clipping to get out of bounds.
  • Equip the Dusk Crown Ring during the stand up animation.
  • Get back inbounds, jump on the railing and jump into Gaping Dragon's arena.
  • Kill Gaping Dragon with two Dark Bead casts and Darksign.

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

  • Enter the Firelink Altar and offer the souls to the Lordvessel.
  • Get into RTSR range by Toggle Escaping the thrust attack from the first Black Knight.
  • Equip the Dragon Tooth in the foggate, Kill Gwyn with one Dark Bead cast and a Dragon Tooth riposte. Quitout as he dies and reload the game to save igt.