Great Club Any% Kiln Skip

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This is an overview of the Great Club Dark Souls Any% Force Quit route. This route is possible on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS3 but only with the versions 2 and 3 of the Force Quit Wrong Warp. Note, that this does not include any safety strategies for people learning the route.


Asylum Demon

  • Start as Hunter with Master Key
  • Pick up the Shortsword and the Shortbow (not the Large Leather Shield)
  • Kill Asylum Demon, fly to Firelink

Chaos Witch Quelaag

  • Take the elevator to New Londo Ruins
  • Pick up the Estoc, turn around and make your way through the Valley of Drakes.
  • Pick up the Soul of a Proud Knight at the Undead Dragon.
  • Climb up the ladder near the drakes and grab the Red Tearstone Ring (RTSR).
  • Roll off and roll towards the bridge. Run across the bridge to the elevator.
  • Pop the Soul of a Proud Knight, try to dupe it twice on the elevator
  • Rest at the bonfire before the Black Knight and
    • if you duped Soul of a Proud Knight once, level 19 Strength.
    • if you duped Soul of a Proud Knight twice, level 21 Strength.
  • Wrong Warp to the New Londo Ruins.
  • Perform the Blighttown Fall Damage Cancel plunges
  • Use the fall damage and the poison to get into RTSR range.
  • Pick up the Great Club in the swamp.
  • Equip the RTSR.
  • Kill Quelaag with moveswapped Great Club, ring the bell, use the Soul of Quelaag and dupe the Homeward Bone.

Belfry Gargoyles

  • Grab the Grass Crest Shield and Wrong Warp by using the Homeward Bone.
  • Buy 9 Titanite Shards from Andre and upgrade the Great Club to +5.
  • Rest at the Undead Parish bonfire and level 28 Strength.
  • Kill Gargoyles with moveswapped Great Club, ring the bell and use the Dark Sign.

Iron Golem

  • Walk out of Parish and Wrong Warp to the Sen's gate.
  • Head through Sen's Fortress, quit out on the stairs for the Boulder.
  • Kill Iron Golem with moveswapped Great Club. He will fall off with two running attacks.

Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough

  • Run through the rafters and past the Silver Knight archers.
  • Setup RTSR by using fall damage.
  • Kill Ornstein, then Super Smough with moveswapped Great Club.
  • Kill Gwynevere with the bow and use the Dark Sign.

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

  • Warp to Firelink.
  • Enter Firelink Altar and Wrong Warp using the Dark Sign.
  • Get into RTSR range by Toggle Escaping a running attack from the first Black Knight.
  • Kill Gwyn with moveswapped Great Club, finish him with a riposte.