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This is an overview of the current Dragon Tooth and Sorcery Dark Souls All Bosses route. Note, that this does not include any safety strategies for people learning the route.


Asylum Demon

  • Start as Hunter with Black Firebombs.
  • Unequip all weapons and armour, drop the Straight Sword Hilt as you open the Asylum door.
  • Kill Asylum Demon with 5 Firebombs on the first encounter.
  • Pick up the Shortsword, the Shortbow and the Large Leather Shield.
  • Fly to Firelink.

Taurus Demon

  • Go through the Undead Burg and snipe the Undead Merchant from afar with 2 of your Black Firebombs.
  • Lower Undead Burg Skip - Method 2.
  • Grab the Mail Breaker.
  • Free Griggs.
  • Grab the the Gold Pine Resin.
  • Use the Gold Pine Resin on the Shortsword before triggering Taurus Demon.
  • Kill Taurus Demon.

Bell Gargoyles

  • Run across the Hellkite Drake bridge.
  • Shoot the Hellkite Drake with your bow, use Gold Pine Resin on the Shortsword and cut his tail.
  • Run towards the Sunlight Altar bonfire, pull the lever and equip the Mail Breaker.
  • Run around the Undead Church. Rest at the Undead Parish bonfire.
  • Send the elevator down on your way up to the Gargoyles.
  • Kill Gargoyles with moveswapped Drake Sword, ring the bell and dupe the Homeward Bone.

Iron Golem

  • Go down past the Prowling Demon, and down towards Darkroot Basin.
  • Grab the Grast Crest Shield, and take the elevator down to the Valley Of Drakes, dropping unnecessary equipment.
  • Climb the tower and get the Red Tearstone Ring (RTSR). Dupe a Homeward Bone.
  • Go up to the church and lure the hollow down the stairs.
  • Sen's Gate Skip
  • Get into RTSR range with the arrow trap. Kill the Archer before Golem. Kill Iron Golem with moveswapped Drake Sword.

Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough

  • Skip Anor Londo bonfire.
  • Use Core of an Iron Golem on the elevator.
  • Run through the rafters and down to Darkmoon Tomb.
  • Rest at the bonfire. Level 22 Endurance, 27 Strength, 10 Intelligence.
  • Perform the spinning staircase jump quitout.
  • Run past the silver archers.
  • Get RTSR range from the Silver Knight at the bottom of the stairs
  • Grab the Dragon Tooth from behind the illusory wall.
  • Jump over the railing of the stairs and moveswap the DT with the Mail Breaker.
  • Kill Ornstein, then Super Smough.
  • Kill Gwynevere with the bow, dupe a Homeward Bone.

Dark Sun Gwyndolin

  • Moveswap, then equip the full Hunter Set on the fog-gate.
  • Get into RTSR range using Gwyndolin's attacks. (Counter hit from large orb or blocking one full volley of arrows).
  • Kill Gwyndolin, use a bone.

Stray Demon

  • Warp to Firelink. Equip Gwyndolin Soul during the warp.
  • Buy Fall Control, Great Heavy Soul Arrow, Sorcerer's Catalyst, and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring from Griggs.
  • Dupe Gwyndolin's soul twice on the elevator and roll off for RTSR setup.
  • Kill Stray Demon, equip the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, and grab the Peculiar Doll. Dupe a Homeward Bone.

Crossbreed Priscilla

  • Run up the stairs into the cathedral, and enter the Painted World.
  • Get into RTSR range using the enemies (non counter hit from a jump attack, and a counter hit from an arrow).
  • Run to the Undead Dragon, moveswap, and quitout in front of him.
  • Kill the Undead Dragon (2 running attacks, 1 r1, 1 running attack).
  • Pick up the Dragon Scale. Make the Undead Dragon Legs stand up with a jump attack. Drop down behind them.
  • Shoot priscilla with an arrow, and moveswap as she teleports.
  • Kill Priscilla, exit the Painted World, dupe a bone.

Dusk of Oolacile

  • Warp to Undead Parish. Equip GCS, Catalyst, and the Hunter Set during the warp animation.
  • At Andre, upgrade the DT to +1, buy the Crest of Artorias and the Weapon Smithbox.
  • Run to the Darkroot Garden bonfire, open the door with the Crest of Artorias and quitout.
  • Rest at the bonfire behind the illusory wall. Level 12 Attunement, 20 Intelligence. Attune FC and GHSA.
  • Go towards the Hydra. Equip the DT and fall onto the bridge for RTSR.
  • Do a Fall Damage Cancel down the ladder or slide it down.
  • Run to the Hydra. GHSA its closest head, roll and equip the DT. Shoot it with GHSA and jump attack two heads to kill it.
  • Run towards the spawn point of the Golden Golem, moveswap your DT, quitout and kill it with one running attack.
  • Talk to Dusk of Oolacile, say 'yes' to her (you can just buttonmash through the dialogue, it defaults to 'yes'). Dupe a Homeward Bone.

Great Grey Wolf Sif

  • Get into RTSR range using the knightess, and run to Sif.
  • Equip the Bow, GCS, and unequip the Catalyst as the door opens. Moveswap before triggering the fight.
  • Kill Sif then use a Homeward Bone without waiting.

Four Kings

  • Upgrade your DT to +2, and level 23 Intelligence. Warp to Firelink Shrine.
  • Equip Covenant of Artorias and Dusk Crown Ring during the warp. Unequip the Dusk Crown Ring.
  • Kick Lautrec off the ledge and quitout when you receive his souls. Pick up the Ring of Favor and Protection (FAP ring).
  • Go towards Four Kings, get RTSR from the elevator down to New Londo Ruins and do the Seal Skip with fall control.
  • Kill Four Kings; one running attack, one r1/roll attack, two running attacks on each King for 2 Kings.
  • Speak to Kaathe, be careful to say Yes. Place the Lordvessel, but don't sit at it. Dupe a bone.

Seath the Scaleless

  • Warp to Anor Londo. Equip the FAP ring over the Covenant. Head to The Duke's Archives.
  • Dupe Soul of Gwyndolin, moveswap, and heal. Kill the Crystal Golem for the Broken Pendant (one running attack is enough).
  • Dupe Gwyndolin's soul twice on the next elevator. Ringswap, Duke Skip.
  • Use falls to get in RTSR range.
  • Perform the Crystal Caves Fall Control Quitout.
  • Try and avoid having clams in your Seath fight.
  • Break the Primordial Crystal with an arrow, moveswap and then kill Seath with 3 running attacks.
  • Pop Soul of Gwyndolin and dupe a Homeward Bone.

Moonlight Butterfly

  • Head straight for the foggate, equip shield, catalyst and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring on the way, dupe Soul of Sif twice while waiting for the Butterfly.
  • Kill Moonlight Butterfly with 5 Great Heavy Soul Arrows, use a Homeward Bone afterwards.

Sanctuary Guardian

  • Head towards the DLC portal, equip Dusk Crown Ring and fall onto the bridge on the way for RTSR range.
  • Do a Fall Control Quitout down the ladder or slide down it.
  • Activate the portal, don't take the bonfire, moveswap, make sure you have RTSR equipped again.
  • Kill Sanctuary Guardian.

Knight Artorias

  • Talk to Elizabeth, buy Hidden Body.
  • Royal Wood Skip, buy 4 Green Blossoms, 2 Homeward Bones and 1 Lloyd's Talisman.
  • Go trigger Kalameet.
  • Use a Green Blossom. Kill Artorias.

Manus, Father of the Abyss

  • Rest at the Oolacile Township bonfire, level 14 Attunement and 37 Intelligence, attune Hidden Body.
  • Fall Control Quitout down the elevator.
  • Cast Hidden Body, run to the Mimic, throw the Lloyd's Talisman at it and kill the Bloated Head with a GHSA while waiting for the Mimic to open. Pick up the Crest Key. Equip Dusk Crown Ring.
  • Use your next Hidden Body before dropping down after getting the Crest Key, run through the the area with the 2 Bloated Sorcerers, Fall Control Quitout down the next elevator after the Chained Prisoner.
  • Kill the Bloated Sorceress next to Dark Bead with 1 Great Heavy Soul Arrow and pick it up.
  • Moveswap and use ringswap and the Manus foggate skip for RTSR.
  • Kill Manus, using a Green Blossom right after entering the fight, dupe a Homeward Bone.

Black Dragon Kalameet

  • Go up to Hawkeye Gough's tower, make him shoot Kalameet.
  • Go towards Kalameet, equip the Dusk Crown Ring as you go through the foggate.
  • Drop down into the fight by using the ledge where the Crystal Lizard was, switch out the Dusk Crown Ring for RTSR after the fall, use a Green Blossom.
  • Kill Kalameet, equip the catalyst and your shield, dupe a Homeward Bone.

Pinwheel & Gravelord Nito

  • Warp to Firelink Shrine. Equip the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring over the FAP. Rest there and attune Dark Bead.
  • Head towards the Catacombs, drop down to the Bonewheel Skeletons with Fall Control.
  • Kill Pinwheel.
  • Cast Hidden Body after entering the Nito foggate.
  • Kill Nito by shooting his skellies and him with 1 Dark Bead, then finish Nito off with 2 more. Equip Dusk Crown Ring and Homeward Bone back to Firelink Shrine.

Capra Demon

  • Run to the Undead Burg, drop down to the Lower Undead Burg.
  • Equip Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring in the foggate.
  • Kill Capra Demon, one Dark Bead is enough, quitout to get rid of aggro.

Gaping Dragon

  • Head towards the Depths, jump over the railing to the Butcher, drop down the shaft.
  • Slide down the water slide on the left side, next to the Giant Rat.
  • Kill Gaping Dragon, equip Dusk Crown Ring again and use a Homeward Bone.

Chaos Witch Quelaag & Ceaseless Discharge & Demon Firesage & Centipede Demon & The Bed of Chaos

  • Unequip the Dusk Crown Ring during the stand up animation.
  • Go down to the New Londo Ruins and fall onto the elevator for RTSR. Cast Fall Control.
  • Go through New Londo Ruins and do Blighttown Skip.
  • Kill Quelaag with 2 Dark Beads. Pull the lever to ring the bell.
  • Rest at the Demon Ruins bonfire, and level 46+ Intelligence.
  • Ringswap and slide down the cliff next to the bonfire to get into RTSR range.
  • Kill Ceaseless Discharge. Bone out afterwards.
  • Firesage Elevator Clip.
  • Kill Demon Firesage with a Dragon Tooth plunge attack and three Dark Bead casts, and Ringswap for half HP.
  • Reach RTSR range by dropping down before Centipede.
  • Kill Centipede Demon.
  • Equip Orange Charred Ring and run to The Bed of Chaos.
  • Kill The Bed of Chaos with Tokhi Bombs, you can use a Green blossom here to roll through the branches faster. Bone back.

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

  • Enter the Kiln of the First Flame.
  • Get into RTSR range by Toggle Escaping a backstab from the first Black Knight.
  • Kill Gwyn (2 Dark Beads).