Bow Tech

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Bow Tech

  • In Demon’s Souls Remake you can aim a bow to redirect the fog wall walk animation, when you are in this animation you don’t have a collision with anything in the game until you finish the animation. By doing this we can get several OOB in this game, allowing us to do a lot of skips and IA freezes.

Important note: This is only allowed in the unrestricted categories of the game.


  • Yuria Skip is a sequence break utilizing bow tech to reach Yuria without any key or doing any part of her quest, it can be useful for All Achievements runs.

  • An IA Freeze for Flamelurker, it’s slower for most of the runs, but it’s extremely useful for SL1 runs.

  • You also need to skip his cutscene trigger OOB, otherwise he will turn on his IA. It’s easier to do on a second attempt without the cutscene trigger, but also too slow.

  • Important note: if you trigger his cutscene, it’s not impossible to freeze again, but you just can freeze him again doing another totally different skip and it’s really hard and slow.

  • This way you can skip Adjudicator fight and also the entire 4-2 area, going OOB until you reach Old Hero Arena.

  • Performed by JonnyDrumCat in his WR run. If you trigger his cutscene it’s impossible to freeze him again, and he is also invisible but he has a active hitbox there.

  • This video was made by Exspiravit333. It’s a sequence break for the majority of 1-3 area. Sadly it’s too difficult to make consistently and nobody did a run using it yet.