Glitchless Skips

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Glitchless Skips

  • It’s a cool skip that we basically only use in glitchless, allowing you to skip the run back to the gate in 2-1.

  • A skip that saves all the running to clean the lava from 2-1. It’s totally free right now with the new strats. (Starts at 05:57)

  • It’s basically the same skip as in OG version, just roll with the right positioning. (Starts at 59:17)

  • A really important skip that allows you to take the Clever Rat Ring early in the game, which is the most important item of all categories. (Starts at 03:21)

  • After the pillar drop at 4-2, you can do this parkour drop to skip a lot of the running segment there. (Starts at 17:42)