Four Rotten

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This is an overview of the current Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Any% route.


  • Unequip all Armor and enter the hut.
  • Start as Bandit with Bonfire Ascetic.
  • Unequip all armor and Short Bow, head to Majula.
  • Talk with the Emerald Herald (only need to trigger the first line) and light the bonfire.
  • Equip Estus Flask, head to Forest of the Fallen Giants.
  • At the gate, equip the Darksign and Bonfire Ascetic, set Armour slots to default positions twice and use the Estus Flask.

Forest of the Fallen Giants

  • Pick up Homeward Bone/Soul of a Lost Undead, equip both.
  • Talk to Melentia whilst using the soul, buy a Firebomb.
  • Light the Cardinal Tower Bonfire and equip the Firebomb.
  • Bomb the wall.
  • Head to Last Giant, equip the ascetic on the elevator.
  • Kill Last Giant, use Darksign before souls drop and queue Lifegems on the hotbar.


  • Equip Soul of the Last Giant and talk to Melentia whilst using it.
  • Buy Lenigrast's Key, two Brightbugs and exhaust Melentia's dialogue (receive Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +1, send her back).
  • Kill Pursuer with CSS Ring equipped, equip Soul of the Pursuer over the Bonfire Ascetic and Brightbugs.
  • Warp to Lost Bastille.


  • Warp to Majula.
  • Talk to the Emerald Herald (unless she is standing by the sea) and open Lenigrast's door, rest at the bonfire.
  • Talk to Lenigrast whilst using the Soul of the Pursuer, buy Rapier, Mace, Titanite Shards x6 and upgrade Rapier +3.
  • Equip Rapier and Ring of Blades, kill Maughlin and pick up the Tseldora Set. [Equip Tseldora Set after every boss kill from now on, and unequip asap after the souls dropped]
  • Talk to Sweet Shalquoir and buy Silvercat Ring, Homeward Bones x3, Alluring Skulls x6.
  • Equip Silvercat Ring and drop down the Pit.

First Rotten

  • Pick up both Fragrant Branches of Yore.
  • Use a Brightbug before the fog.
  • Unpetrify the Statue and light the Hidden Chamber bonfire.
  • Kill Rotten and use a Homeward Bone.
  • Burn the Bonfire Ascetic and warp to Majula.

Shaded Woods

  • Level 14 Vigor, 14 Endurance, 10 Strength, 34 Dexterity.
  • Buy a Fragrant Branch of Yore from Melentia.
  • Head to Rosabeth, equip Alluring Skulls and Soul of the Rotten.
  • Pick up Homeward Bones x3/Lifegems x3.
  • Unpetrify Rosabeth, pull the lever, use Alluring Skulls x2 and roll into the explosive barrel to take damage.
  • Kill the Basilisk, use Soul of the Rotten, equip Short Bow.
  • Light Ruined Forked Road bonfire.
  • Pick up Red Tearstone Ring and use a Homeward Bone.
  • Buy Claymore, Gold Pine Resin x15+.
  • Pick up Chloranthy Ring, equip RTSR, Chloranthy and GPR.
  • Kill Najka (GPR) (tank Soul Spear for RTSR range).

Brightstone Cove Tseldora

  • Equip Mace and kill the Crystal Lizard in Doors of Pharos.
  • Pick up Large Titanite Shard.
  • Use Alluring Skull at the door and equip Claymore.
  • Use GPR on the Rapier and highlight one of your armor slots.
  • Kill Magus and Congregation.
  • Equip Silvercat Ring and pick up Bonfire Ascetic next to Creighton.
  • Kill the two Crystal Lizards.
  • Pick up Titanite Chunk on the ledge and inside the building.
  • Pick up Titanite Chunk next to the wooden bridge (alluring skull) and use a Homeward Bone.
  • Warp to Majula.

Lost Bastille

  • Unequip Claymore, Mace and armor.
  • Upgrade Rapier +10.
  • Warp to Tower Apart.
  • Unpetrify the Statue and use GPR.
  • Kill Ruin Sentinels.
  • Use Soul of Najka and Soul of the Ruin Sentinels at the gate.
  • Drop down and pick up Bonfire Ascetic, use a Homeward Bone.
  • Warp to the Hidden Chamber.