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**'''[[SpeedSouls - Save Organizer]]'''
**'''[[SpeedSouls - Save Organizer]]'''
**'''[//github.com/JKAnderson/DSR-Gadget TKGP's DSR Gadget ©]'''
**'''[//github.com/JKAnderson/DSR-Gadget TKGP's DSR Gadget ©]'''
**'''[[darksouls:Droprate Tracker]]'''
**'''[//github.com/CapitaineToinon/LiveSplit.DarkSoulsRemasteredIGT In-Game Time Livesplit PlugIn]'''
**'''[[darksouls:In-Game Time Livesplit PlugIn]]'''
**'''[[darksouls:No-Logo mod]]'''
**'''[[darksouls:No-Logo mod]]'''

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Dark Souls Remastered is a remaster of Dark Souls, developed by QLOC and released in May 2018. Dark Souls is a 3D Action RPG developed by FromSoftware Inc. and released in late 2011. A DLC named Artorias of the Abyss was released in mid 2012, which is included in the PC version.
The game is available for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It is also playable on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 via Backwards Compatibility.

Leaderboards & World Records

Getting Started


There are a number of glitches, tricks and sequence breaks that can significantly shorten the amount of time needed to progress through the game. Dark Souls is a heavily exploitable game so the following list is only a selection of possible exploits most often used in speedruns.


  • Animation Cancel: Allows the player to cancel the animation of an action caused by interacting with an object (levers, doors, ...).
  • Fall Control Quitout: Allows the player to survive almost any drop in the game which would normally kill you on impact.
  • Fall Damage Cancel: Allows the player to negate any fall damage until a certain height without the need of a Fall Control Quitout.
  • Item Swap: Allows the player to use normally unusable items.
  • Slope Quit: Prevents fatal fall damage or a death from some killboxes by carefully timing a quitout as you land on certain kinds of slopes.
  • Wrong Warp: Allows the player to wrong warp to different locations than normally possible.
  • Minor Glitches: Other glitches which don't find a use very often in speedruns but are worth documenting.

Sequence Breaks

  • Capra Skip: Allows the player to enter the Depths without killing Capra Demon.
  • Ceaseless Skip: Allows the player to skip fighting Ceaseless Discharge, saving about 2 minutes.
  • Duke Skip: Allows the player to skip the prison area in The Duke's Archives, saving a scripted death and about 5 minutes of running.
  • Firesage Skip: Allows the player to skip Demon Firesage and the Golden Gate, and to jump down into the Centipede Demon arena.
  • Lower Undead Burg Skip: Allows the player to gain access to Lower Undead Burg before acquiring the normally necessary key beforehand.
  • Quelaag Skip: Allows the player to skip past the Quelaag bossfight.
  • Royal Wood Skip: Allows the player to skip a large portion of the Royal Wood area.
  • Seal Skip: Allows the player to skip killing Ingward and lowering the water in New Londo Ruins to kill the Four Kings.
  • Sen's Gate Skip: Allows the player to skip the main gate of Sen's Fortress and that way ringing the two Bells of Awakening to open it.
  • Silver Knight Archer Skip: Allows the player to access the Giant Blacksmith shortcut in Anor Londo early.


  • Deathcam: Top-down camera view allowing for various skips by keeping assets of a map unloaded.
  • Griggs Skip (Pewdiepie Skip): Allows the player to open the door to Griggs' room without going through his dialogue first.
  • Ringswap: Switching out your Red Tearstone Ring for the Dusk Crown Ring and then switching it back again. Puts you automatically at half health which makes RTSR setups quite easy. Commonly used in All Bosses runs.
  • Save & Quit: Saving and reloading the game resets all enemy positions, the player position (saving the player from deadly falls) and resets boss encounters that are currently ongoing, placing the player character outside the boss foggate.
  • Toggle Escape: Allows the player to skip the landing animation after a fall by switching to another equipped weapon slot (also works empty-handed)/one-handing your right-hand weapon in mid-air and pressing the Dodge button upon landing.
  • Tokhi Bombs: Two strategically thrown bombs in The Bed of Chaos boss encounter. Shortens the fight by about 1:10 minutes.


(These rules apply to all Dark Souls speedrun categories. Each category also has its own set of rules in addition to the ones listed here.)

  • Because of significant discrepancies in load times and framerate on all the platforms, the official run time is counted as the In-game time (IGT). The run ends once the credits appear, meaning you have multiple options to see your final time:
    • Use the In-Game Time Livesplit PlugIn to always be able to check your time.
    • Force-close the game via Alt + F4 on PC or the console dashboard on PS3/X360/Xbox One during the credits, restart the game and go to the Load Game screen in the main menu.
    • Quitout in NG+ and check your time. This has the disadvantage of counting the time spent in NG+, amounting to roughly 1-2s depending on your quitout speed.
  • You may not make any modifications to the game that affect the gameplay itself. This includes DSFix's popular framerate unlock feature which has to be completely turned off. Unlocking the framerate and setting it to 30 FPS within the DSFix config file will still cause discrepancies as to how the game runs and is therefore also banned.
  • You may not use the debug version of the game. Only the normal version is allowed.
  • Playing in offline mode is mandatory. Online play with other players in any way is completely banned.
  • If you use the Save & Quit mechanic at any point during a run, you are required to resume gameplay immediately on the same character. Any delay in loading your character back in will cause a video to be denied, as you are intentionally keeping IGT from running without performing a game mechanic. Loading a different character intentionally in any way is not allowed.
  • Forcing the game to close by using ALT + F4 or similar measures is not allowed in any category except Any% Force Quit. Unintended crashes of the game on the other hand do not invalidate a run as long as gameplay is resumed as soon as possible. This rule does not apply to the forced closing at the end of a run to validate the IGT as stated above.
  • You may not use savefiles. Savefile runs are common when practicing categories with weapons that do not have 100% drop rates but these are not counted as 'official' times. Savefiles can also be abused to retry sections to improve the IGT so they are not allowed.

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