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=='''Buy your official Speedsouls Merchandise!'''==
Buy your official Speedsouls Merchandise through any of the shops listed below.
*[//shop.spreadshirt.de/speedsouls/ '''SPEEDSOULS STORE EUROPE''']
*[//shop.spreadshirt.com/speedsouls/ '''SPEEDSOULS STORE UNITED STATES''']
== '''FAQ''' ==
After finalizing your order, you will receive an order confirmation which includes an estimated delivery time.<br>
Your delivery time is estimated based on the type of delivery you have chosen during checkout. (Regular, Premium or Express)<br>
Delivery times may still vary. Please note that Speedsouls is '''not''' in any way responsible for your delivery or possible delayed deliveries.<br>
*For questions regarding your design, please contact '''DarK''' or '''Hantz''' on the Speedsouls Discord.
*For questions regarding your order or delivery, please consult the [//spreadshirt.com/contact-C1336 '''Customer Service of Spreadshirt''']

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