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The SpeedSouls - Save Organizer is a tool designed to manage savefiles for both Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. It grants fast access to savestates in an easy and clear fashion. Created by Kahmul.



  • 1: Choose your Dark Souls or Dark Souls II savefile directory, which is usually "\Users\<YourName>\Documents\NBGI\DarkSouls\<Username>" or "\Users\<YourName>\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsII\<SomeCode>" respectively.
  • 2: Updates the program with the chosen directory. This button is disabled if the directory is invalid or doesn't contain the savefile for either game.
  • 3: List of your categories. Create, remove or rename categories as you like.
  • 4: List of all your savefiles for a category. Create folders to arrange your savefiles. Read-only savefiles are marked with an icon.
  • 5: Creates a copy of the game's current savefile and inserts it into the currently selected folder in the savefile-list (4) or just into the general category if no folder is selected.
  • 6: Copies the currently selected savefile from the savefile-list (4) over the game's current savefile.
  • 7: Button to switch your current gamefile to read-only and back.
  • 8: Button to open this page in your standard browser.


SpeedSouls - Save Organizer.exe (v.1.1)


  • 08.12.2014: v1.1:
    • Implemented read-only support.
    • Implemented 'Help'-button.
    • Implemented shortcuts for renaming ('F2') and removing ('Del') savefiles/folders.
  • 31.10.2014: v1.0 (initial release).