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An illusory wall not listed here will respawn on reload and as such does not permanently disappear. Example: illusory wall in New Londo Ruins.

  • Next to the Crest of Artorias door in Darkroot
  • One hiding the bonfire in the Catacombs
  • Two hiding the entrance to Great Hollow
  • One hiding the Daughter of Chaos bonfire
  • One in the fireplace in Anor Londo cathedral
  • Gwyndolin's illusory wall (the Darkmoon Seance Ring one)
  • One hiding the second bonfire in Lost Izalith
  • One between the first Tomb of the Giants bonfire and the Large Divine Ember
  • The "Let there be light" illusory wall in Oolacile Township
  • The second lightsource illusory wall in the big building, close to the Crest Key mimic, in Oolacile Township
  • The illusory floor at the Alvina encounter before Sif in the Chasm. Trigger all 3 of her encounters to remove it
  • The one hiding Sif in the Chasm of the Abyss.