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Dark Souls III is the sequel to Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. It was officially revealed at E3 2015 and was released March 24th 2016 in Japan.

Getting Started


  • Any%: Finishing the game as quickly as possible using any means necessary. (No cheats and game modification outside of community accepted mods and modifications.)
  • Any% No TearDrop Finishing the game as fast as quickly as possible without using the Tear Drop Glitch.
  • All Bosses: Finishing the game and defeating every enemy that is considered a boss (health bar at the bottom of the screen). This includes the DLC since it is always included in the PC version.

Timing Rules

Because of significant discrepancies in load times on all the platforms, the official run time is counted using In-game time (IGT) which is displayed when browsing to the Save & Quit option in the Start menu while being In-Game, or by checking the timer next to the Save File displayed in the "Load Game" option in the Main Menu of Dark Souls III.

  • The speedrun starts at the moment the Cemetary of Ash cutscene begins.
  • The speedrun ends at the moment the choice of 'YES to Link the First Flame" is selected and the credits begin. The In-Game timer stops here. Use ALT+F4 to force close the game and restart the game to check your In-Game time by browsing to the "Load Game" option and checking your save file. Additionally, in a scenario of linking the First Flame in an earlier stage of the speedrun, such as in the current All Bosses route and then continuing after in the same NG will mean the player has to quit the game on the very moment of receiving the boss soul of the final boss, then proceed as normal by checking the IGT in the Save File.

World Records

Note: All times are, as stated above, In-game time.

Utilities and Resources

External Resources