Pursuer Quick Kill (17000 souls)

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The Pursuer Quick Kill (17000 souls) is a skip in Dark Souls II in which the player performs a total of three jumps (one to get on a ledge, second one to go past a ladder without triggering the eagle dropping The Pursuer on top of that area and finally the third one on the way to the bonfire) plus makes use of a lifegem for timing before running to the bonfire, in hopes to achieve a frame perfect glitch allowing them to obtain 17000 souls on top of the easy to get Pursuer's boss soul and Ring of Blades.

  • Pursuer Quick Kill (17000 souls) grants 17000 souls on top of the Pursuer's boss soul and Ring of Blades.
  • Time saved performing the skip: 40 seconds
  • The initial skip was discovered by pseudostripy.
  • The skip works on all versions.

Tutorial Video

Pursuer Quick Kill (17000 souls) Tutorial by Fordey9


Pursuer Quick Kill (17000 souls) Current Method by fierywyvern