Dungeon Drop

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The Dungeon Drop is a skip in Irithyll Dungeon where the player skips a big portion of Irithyll Dungeon by using Tears of Denial and backstepping on a specific stone off a ledge.
It's used in Any% and the All Bosses route.


  • Cast Tears of Denial at the Distant Manor bonfire. Run towards Irithyll Dungeon, Pass the bonfire and pass the Witches.
  • Open the gate after Pale Pine Resin and drop down. Go left and proceed to the end of the hallway.
  • Walk over the edge of the stairs on to a small rock. Line your back to the part lower where the ledge is your are going to fall on to.
  • Simply backstep and your character should do a rather long backstep animation. You should fall down on the ledge below. Roll off the ledge after Tears of Denial is activated for optimal speed.


Actual Drop is around 20:50