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Angel Skip

  • I keep sliding out the gap next to the cage. What is happening?

When jumping too far left of the gap, there is a chance the player can slide out randomly. Try jumping a little more towards the right side of the cage.


  • After downpatching, I am on Version 1.XX Regulation 1.35. Is this right?

This is not right. You should be on the appropriate regulation version after downpatching. First, try and delete your save file: Open Search Bar and type %appdata% OR press Windows Key + R and type %appdata% > hit enter > go to DarkSoulsIII folder > Open the folder with a bunch of numbers and letters > backup the .sl2 files and remove them from the appdata folder and restart the game. If that does not work, replace your Data0 files in your \Game directory with the Data0 files from the appropriate downpatch version. These files hold the regulation changes of the game. If that does not work, please consider redownpatching again.

Farron Keep Skip

  • I tried Farron Skip for hours but I cannot seem to get it work. Any idea what might be the problem?

Numerous factors could be the issue. The first thing you have to ensure is to have Durazno installed. Durazno is a community accepted mod that fixes a deadzone problem causing the character to slightly drift left or right when holding forward on the keyboard. When you are sure you have the tools working properly, work on understanidng the jump timing for the skip. There are only a couple of frames available for executing the jump before falling to your death. If you have problems practicing the timing, consider using Practice Tool to save your position on the starting point of the skip and then teleport yourself back when you fail the skip. You could also use this to toggle the deathcam off if you do get it succesfully, speeding up practice time. If you are still having issues, try and look at setups or videos from other speedrunners and try and copy their setup. Slow down the video to 0.25x or 0.5 to get a better understanding of the timing.

  • I cannot jump left after my character turns? Why is that?

Installing Durazno fixes this problem. Alternatively, you can unplug your controller.

  • What is the best alternative to this skip?

There is no alternative to Farron Skip other then actually going through Farron Keep. If you do decide to do this, please consult THIS video on the fastest way to get through Farron Keep.

Gravetender Skip

  • After I jump from the rock, I instantely die when falling down. Why is that?

You are jumping too early most likely. The intention is to jump over the killbox and landing on an invisible platform that is down low. Try jumping as late as possible.

Greatwood Skip

  • I keep failing this skip. Any tips or ideas to help me get this?

A good way to get used to the quitout timing for the skip is to use a seperate timer or countdown in your head for when to jump. Whenever the fight is about to finish, there will be a particular sound clip playing before the message "Heir of Fire Destroyed" appears. This sound clip will sound like a large boom and should sound similiar every time a boss is defeated. Use this sound clip as an audio cue to start counting from zero to three. When the timer hits three, jump out of the corner and quit out at the same time. Just before you quit out, you should barely see "Heir of Fire Destroyed" on your screen before the screen fades too black.

Irithyll Skip

  • I keep jumping to the railing or sliding off from it. Why is that happening?"

You are either pressing jump too early or too late. From the most recent setup, the jump input should occur whenever your see your characters feet go over the second step of the stairs going from high to low. Also, ensure to have Durazno installed.

Spell Swap

  • Any tips on getting used to the timing? I cannot seem to get it.

Try pressing all the inputs at the same time. Usually, the L2 or LT (Spell Art) is pressed a few frames later then L1 (Use Spell) and DPad-Up (Switching Spells).

  • This trick sucks and I cannot seem to get it.

It really does and don't worry, the trick is frame perfect.


  • My Tumblebuff isn't working. What am I doing wrong?

Ensure you are doing the appropriate Tumblebuff method on the appropriate version. Using Spook + Throwing Knives does not work on versions older then VER 1.12. Also ensure whatever you are trying to apply for tumblebuff is not depleted. You cannot tumblebuff from having 0 of an item such as a resin you are trying to tumblebuff from. Also ensure you are using the throwing knives right after you casted Spook or for the older method, using an Estus right after casting Heal Aid. There cannot be any delay in these two final inputs.

Upper Partake Skip

  • The Locust Preacher bug just suicided. What happened?

Ensure you bait the bug all the way up the stairs before running up and getting some more distance from him.

  • The Locust Preacher bug did not clip me through the ground. What did I do wrong?

Standing in the wrong spot usually causes the bug to not clip you through the ground. For the best positioning, you want to place your character just about fully on the top stairs but not too far up and not further down. Consider the latest succesful Partake Skip setup as reference on where you should position yourself.

Vilhelm Skip

  • As soon as I come down from the plunge sliding down the rocks, I fall to my death. Why is this?

This happens because you roll either too early too late. Just before your character is about to hit the ground, be sure to roll to prevent falling to your death. This is usually just a couple of frames. If you want to get used to the roll timing, the Practice Tool is yet another great way to quickly teleport yourself back to the dropdown point to save time having to reload save files.

Watchers Glitch

  • I keep getting stuck in the fog gate. What am I doing wrong?

First, make sure you don't line up your camera too far right. Having your HP bar anywhere on the pillar should be fine. Ensure that your system runs at a stable 60 FPS (Frames Per Second). The skip should work consistent when you can ensure a stable 60 FPS during the skip. Also ensure you dont walk or press the final R2 too early. Wait until the first R2 animation has fully finished before continue pressing the next input. Whether this be walking in or a R2.

Wolnir Skip

  • My game keeps crashing on this skip. Why is that?

The skip heavily relies on good pathing. Loading in Catacombs of Carthus prematurely will result in a game crash most likely which you want to prevent at all costs. By navigating the right way, you should be able to avoid load triggers that causes this area to load in. Please resort to any Youtube video of a succesful Wolnir skip and try and replicate the pathing.