Greatwood Skip

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The Greatwood Skip is a skip in Dark Souls III which allows the player to spawn back up on top of the Curserotted Greatwood arena after the fight has ended from down into the pit
by quitting out the game after performing a timed jump outside the loading zone, giving the player exactly on a few frames to spawn back up top when the death message appears and loading the game back in.

  • Greatwood Skip skips an additional warp from Firelink Shrine to the Undead Settlement bonfire.
  • Time saved performing this skip: 8 seconds
  • The initial skip was found by LostFeather413 and was later further developed by QttSix and Distortion2.
  • The skip works on all versions of the game.

Tutorial Video's

Greatwood Skip Tutorial Video by QttSix

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Greatwood Skip Tutorial Video by DarK