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== Tutorial Video ==  
== Tutorial Video ==  
Lower Partake Skip by '''[//youtube.com/channel/UCwrSsO51qb-0u410CGfJmwQ SyNaTiiC]'''.
Lower Partake Skip by '''[//youtube.com/channel/UCwrSsO51qb-0u410CGfJmwQ SyNaTiiC]'''.

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The Lower Partake Skip is a skip in The Ringed City DLC from Dark Souls III which lets the player drop down into Darkeater Midir's boss room early by clipping OoB through a staircase close to the Ringed City Streets bonfire.

  • The initial skip was found by Distortion2.
  • Time saved performing the skip: Over 60 seconds
  • This Partake Skip is labeled Lower Partake Skip because geographically the skip is executed in the lower part of the Ringed City. The founder of the skip later found another instance of this skip in the upper part of The Ringed City: Upper Partake Skip
  • The skip is confirmed to work on Patch 1.12 but was later patched in Patch 1.15
  • The initial method that lead to the discovery of this skip using Frame Buffering / Skipping is currently banned in Speedruns because of hardware limitations.

Tutorial Video

Lower Partake Skip by SyNaTiiC.