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Note that Tumblebuff does NOT work in current patch. There is no different method as of right now. Refer to Downpatching for further information.

The Tumblebuff is a glitch in Dark Souls III which enables the player to buff a normally non-buffable weapon with a resin, applying the full resin effect and additional damage on to the weapon
The glitch is achieved by using a Resin on a weapon that cannot be used, which stores the animation in the game memory proceeding by using a spell and a consumable afterwards to apply the resin to the non-buffable weapon.

  • The glitch got discovered on Patch 1.08 and got patched in the pre-DLC2 patch but made its return on a later DLC2 patch: Patch 1.12
  • Duping is a glitch executed using the same method as setting up this glitch.

Tutorial for Patch 1.12 (New Tumblebuff)

Tumblebuff made its return on Patch 1.12, though only working with consumables with a fast animation such as Throwing Knives
Furthermore, Tumblebuff works with every Spell / Miracle now and is not restricted to Heal Aid.

Tumblebuff and Duping tutorial for Patch 1.12 by Nemz38

Tutorial for Patch 1.08 (Old Tumblebuff)

Tumblebuff and Duping tutorial for Patch 1.08 by PeachyMike