Upper Partake Skip

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The Upper Partake Skip is a skip in The Ringed City DLC from Dark Souls III which lets the player skip the majority of The Ringed City by abusing a specific grab attack of the Locust Preacher acting as an NPC to clip OoB through a staircase close to the start of The Ringed City.

  • The initial skip was found by Distortion2.
  • Time saved performing the skip: Over 60 seconds
  • This Partake Skip is labeled Upper Partake Skip because geographically the skip is executed in the upper part of The Ringed City. The founder of this skip first found: Lower Partake Skip
  • The skip is confirmed to work on Patch 1.12 but was later patched in Patch 1.15
  • The initial method that lead to the discovery of this skip using Frame Buffering / Skipping is currently banned in Speedruns because of hardware limitations.

Tutorial Video

Upper Partake Skip by Nemz38.