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Dark Souls 100% Area Completion is a speedrun category in which the player tries to complete the game as fast as possible while also clearing every single area. Glitches, skips and sequence breaks are all allowed. Using other programs to affect the game or editing the game code is not allowed; apart from a few exceptions allowed by the community.


  • Clearing all 26 bosses
  • Clearing all non-respawning enemies *
  • Unlocking all shortcuts **
  • Dissolving all foggates
  • Kindling all 43 bonfires to the furthest state
  • Picking up all item collectibles ***
  • Finishing all NPC questlines ****






Route Type Estimated possible time Current Record Runner VOD
- - - - -


(The rules listed here are specific to this category. Go to this page to find the rules that apply to all Dark Souls speedruns.)