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Dark Souls 100% Area Completion is a speedrun category in which the player tries to complete the game as fast as possible while also clearing every single area. Glitches, skips and sequence breaks are all allowed. Using other programs to affect the game or editing the game code is not allowed; apart from a few exceptions allowed by the community.


  • Clearing all 26 bosses
  • Clearing all non-respawning enemies (1)
  • Unlocking all shortcuts and locked doors (2)
  • Revealing all illusory walls (3)
  • Dissolving all foggates
  • Kindling all 43 bonfires to the furthest level
  • Picking up all item collectibles (4)
  • Finishing all NPC questlines (5)

(1) All of them need to be cleared when you finish the game. Any means are allowed here as long as the entities don't exist in the area anymore, for example the Gargoyles in Anor Londo can be cleared by turning Anor Londo to dark instead of killing them if desired. Black Phantom NPCs can be cleared by simply clearing the boss of the area, but some of them need to be killed separately in order to access all of the collectibles (for example Kirk's or Leeroy's set).

List of all non-respawning enemies to clear
  • Boars
  • Black Knights
  • Butchers
  • Golden Crystal Golems
  • Giant Rat
  • Havel
  • Ricard
  • Oscar
  • Daughter of Chaos
  • Crystal General
  • Channelers
  • Berenike Knight
  • Giant Felines
  • Hellkite Drake
  • Hydras
  • Parasitic Wall Hugger
  • Mass of Souls
  • Titanite Demons
  • Undead Dragons
  • Chained Prisoner
  • Sen's Giants
  • Anor Londo Gargoyles
  • Non-respawning Taurus Demons
  • Bounding Demons (Dragonbutts)
  • Any NPC that is aggressive by default or made aggressive through any action by the player

(notable examples: Darkling Lady, Forest Hunters, 2 NPC Knights in Dark AL)

  • Non-respawning Pisacas
  • Sunlight Maggot Chaos Bug
  • Non-respawning dog in the Depths
  • The non-respawning hollow that closes the gate in Undead Parish
  • Mimics
  • Necromancers
  • Blowdart Snipers
  • Possessed Trees
  • Crystal Lizards
  • Black Phantom NPC invaders
  • Humanity Sprites around Sif in the DLC
  • The non-respawning Bloathead Sorceress giving you the "I'm sorry" carving in the DLC
  • Non-respawning Chaos Eaters belonging to the Siegmeyer questline

(2) Any door, gate, elevator, ladder or similar construct counts as a shortcut if it can only be opened/activated from one side initially.

List of all shortcuts to open
  • The shortcut door in the Undead Asylum
  • The sealed gate of New Londo Ruins
  • The Chaos Servant shortcut gate
  • The 3 shortcut elevators in the DLC
  • The 2 small shortcut doors in the Anor Londo cathedral
  • The big cathedral gate in Anor Londo
  • The shortcut gate next to the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo
  • The elevator connecting Firelink and Parish
  • The cage elevator shortcut in Sen's Fortress
  • The shortcut door next to Hush in Sen's Fortress
  • The cell door in the aqueduct connecting Firelink and lower Undead Burg
  • The cell door connecting lower and upper Undead Burg
  • The Crest of Artorias door in Darkroot
  • The shortcut ladder in New Londo Ruins
  • The shortcut ladder at the Undead Burg bonfire
  • The giant bookshelf connecting the courtyard and the hall with the balcony bonfire in Duke's Archives
  • The shortcut wall to Vamos in Catacombs (broken by triggering the cutscene)
  • The gate leading to Priscilla in the Painted World
  • The shortcut door next to the bonfire in the Painted World
List of all locked doors to open

Most of these have to already be opened for other objectives but are listed here for completeness.

  • Cell Door at the beginning of the game
  • The east and west cell doors in the Undead Asylum
  • Big Pilgrim's door at the end of the Undead Asylum
  • Gate between Valley of Drakes and New Londo Ruins
  • The 3 cell doors in the Duke's prison
  • The big exit door of the Duke's prison
  • The big Blighttown entrance door
  • The 2 cage doors and the cage elevator in Sen's Fortress
  • Door to the Depths
  • Door to reach the seal in New Londo Ruins
  • The door to the Gold Pine Resins in Undead Burg
  • Griggs' locked door
  • Door to the bonfire in the Depths
  • The two Havel watchtower doors
  • The Basement Key door leading to lower Undead Burg
  • The Annex Key door in Painted World
  • The Crest Key door leading to Gough

(3) Most of these already need to be accessed for other objectives, but some could be skipped. All of them are required for full area completion.

List of all illusory walls
  • Next to the Crest of Artorias door in Darkroot
  • One hiding the bonfire in the Catacombs
  • Two hiding the entrance to Great Hollow
  • One hiding the Daughter of Chaos bonfire
  • One hiding the ladder up to the Gate Giant in Sen's Fortress
  • One in the fireplace in Anor Londo cathedral
  • Gwyndolin's illusory wall (the Darkmoon Seance Ring one)
  • One hiding a chunk in New Londo Ruins
  • One hiding the second bonfire in Lost Izalith
  • One between the first Tomb of the Giants bonfire and the Large Divine Ember
  • Multiple ones in the underground area with the Skeleton Wheels in Painted World
  • The "Let there be light" illusory wall in Oolacile Township
  • The second lightsource illusory wall in the big building, close to the Crest Key mimic, in Oolacile Township
  • The one hiding Sif in the Chasm of the Abyss.

(4) Any item pickup in an area that stays in the area on reload needs to be picked up and counts towards the area completion.

List of all collectibles


(5) Generally, any NPC moving from one place to another or any NPC appearing/disappearing is considered a questline. The final state of each NPC questline (last location/disappeared/appeared) has to be reached where the NPC has to then be killed when hollow as they now fall under the 2nd rule (clearing all non-respawning enemies). Premature killing does not count as a completed questline.

List of all NPC questlines
  • Anastacia + Lautrec: Free Lautrec, let him kill Anastacia, then kill Lautrec in Anor Londo and revive Anastacia in Firelink afterwards.
  • Ciaran: Make her disappear by giving her Artorias' Soul or consuming it.
  • Crestfallen Warrior: Trigger his dialogues to make him go hollow, then kill him in New Londo Ruins.
  • Domhnall: Make him move to the Firelink aqueduct by ringing both Bells of Awakening.
  • Dusk: Rescue Dusk from Manus.
  • Griggs: Free him in Undead Burg, buy all his spells to make him go hollow, then kill him in Sen's Fortress.
  • Ingward: Make him move to Firelink by talking to him before and after killing Four Kings.
  • Laurentius: Free him in the Depths, show him a chaos pyromancy to make him go hollow, then kill him in Blighttown
  • Logan: Free him in Sen's, make him go hollow in the Duke's Archives by buying all his spells, then kill him at the first Seath encounter arena.
  • Oswald: Make him appear by ringing the Church bell.
  • Patches: Make him move to Firelink.
  • Quelaana: Has to be gone from Blighttown by the end of the run. This may be achieved by simply ignoring her but if you do use her services you have to buy all her spells, get an ascended pyromancy flame and kill Bed of Chaos to make her leave.
  • Rhea: Rescue her in the Tomb, buy all her miracles to make her go hollow, then kill her in Duke's Archives.
  • Shiva: Join the Forest Covenant to make him appear. After that him being in Darkroot or in Blighttown are both equally valid final states as they are non-permanent based on your covenant.
  • Siegmeyer + Sieglinde: Help Siegmeyer in Sen's, Anor Londo, Blighttown, Izalith and talk to Sieglinde in Firelink to make them move to Ash Lake.
  • Solaire: Talk to him throughout Lordran to make him go hollow or save him. Kill him in Izalith if hollowed.
  • Sif (DLC): Free him from the Humanity sprites.


Route Type Estimated possible time Current Record Runner VOD
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(The rules listed here are specific to this category. Go to this page to find the rules that apply to all Dark Souls speedruns.)