Character Acceleration

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In Dark Souls, there is an acceleration time while running where the character accelerates from standstill to walking, and from walking to sprinting. This means that after inputting these movement changes it takes time for the character to reach the full speed of the respective animation.

Differences Between Male and Female Acceleration

Due to the differences in movement animations between Male and Female characters, their acceleration behaviour differs.

Female characters accelerate faster and deaccelerate faster than Male characters across the board. This means time is saved with a Female character over a Male one when starting to walk or to sprint but time is lost when ending a walk/sprint. As a result, the reverse is true for Male characters.

Skipping the Acceleration Time

The time of (de-)acceleration can be completely skipped if an upper body animation is performed during the (de-)acceleration. This results in the full speed being reached immediately.

Upper body animations include:

  • Weapon switching with a d-pad (also known as 'toggling').
  • Blocking.
  • Switching arrow type with a bow equipped.


  • Google Doc analyzing acceleration between genders by AndrovT