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What exactly is SpeedSouls?

SpeedSouls.com is an independent website run by people passionate about Souls speedrunning. It was founded in August 2014 to have a general place to go to when searching for information on Souls speedrunning instead of having different pastebins floating around the web. This website doesn't dictate the rules for Souls speedrunning in any shape or form whatsoever, it merely represents the community's opinions and decisions. Its only purpose is to provide help and information.

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What's up with this page?

Quite a while ago, the good folks at SpeedSouls decided to switch from wiki-based leaderboards to Speedrun.com leaderboards. We've been pretty slow on the site conversion, but we've finally put up a splash page to provide some extra info while we get some more work done. In the meantime, you can still navigate to the content you're looking for directly from this landing page.

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